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IoT for Enhanced Logistics Efficiency

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Lecture from Volkmar Kunerth & Gary Kent Ramsey, Accentec Technologies
Lecture from Volkmar Kunerth & Gary Kent Ramsey, Accentec Technologies

Optimizing Logistics Processes with IoT


Improved Asset and Inventory Visibility

Speakers: Volkmar Kunerth, CEO & Co-Founder, Accentec Technologies & Gary Kent Ramsey, Guest Speaker

Title: Leveraging IoT for Enhanced Logistics Efficiency


    • Brief overview of IoT in logistics
    • Value Drivers of IoT in Logistics: Emphasis on worker enablement, process acceleration, and optimized delivery outcomes
    • Capabilities Introduced by IoT: Accelerated processes, improved asset and inventory visibility, simplified tasks
    • Sensor to Gateway communications protocols for different Logistics Processes and their Implications
    • Case studies on implementation design, cost reduction, and throughput acceleration

Volkmar Kunerth and Gary Kent provide a comprehensive overview of the advantages of leveraging the IoT in logistics: From accelerated processes, to improved asset visibility, to optimized inventory management, and simplified tasks. Discover the different sensor to gateway protocols necessary for different logistics processes. Both experts also introduce case studies that demonstrate the implentation of IoT in logistics.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 01-2024: Logistics | Supply Chain | Transportation | Retail

Date: 27th March 2024

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