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Creating an individual ID medium with the keyfob configurator

AEG ID transfers the widespread concept of new car configurators to the world of RFID for the first time.

AEG ID transfers the widespread concept of new car configurators to the world of RFID for the first time!

Individuality is the trend.

The design of products according to one's own ideas and subsequent visualization creates a bond with the product. What has been a quasi-standard in the automotive industry for years is now increasingly being used in other B2C areas: online product configurators.

AEG ID has transferred this form of digitalized business processes to the field of RFID. With a few clicks in a new online configurator, any interested party can compile, display and order individual RFID keyfobs or request further advice.

Simon Arch, Marketing & Sales Director at AEG ID in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global.

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The Visualization of Individual Keyfobs is an Effective Purchase Decision Aid

Mr. Arch, so far, RFID keyfobs are mass-produced goods. Customers decide on color and material and then order – how does an online RFID keyfob configurator change this process?

We have been producing individualized keyfobs for many years in which we incorporate the customer's ideas into the design. Until now, it has been time-consuming to explain to interested parties which design options are available. And more importantly: to show them how their individually assembled keyfob looks like. With an online configurator, we eliminate the complexity of communication and every interested party can immediately see the result of its composition.

With the online configurator on the AEG ID website, we are taking full advantage of the possibilities of digitalization and creating intuitive access to a fundamentally simple product that is being used by employees on a daily basis. This is why the design of this medium is increasingly coming into focus. We are now taking this trend into account.

How does the configurator work?

The functionality is similar to that of a new car configurator. In the automotive industry, configurators are like a worldwide standard. An online configurator fulfills several tasks at once: 1. customers put together a product according to their ideas – independent of time and place. 2. consulting is not necessary but possible. 3. the immediate visualization of the individually designed product supports the purchase decision significantly.

The design of an individual keyfob is done in the AEG ID configurator in five steps. In the first step, the material is selected: metal or plastic. In the second step, a decision is made on the color of the plastic parts. In the third step there is the option of upload ing a logo. The logo can be applied in a 3D finish, single-color or multi-color, as well as on both sides or only on one side. Additionally, it is also possible to print or laser a numbering. In the penultimate step, the customer can enter his desired RFID chip or chip combinations. If he needs advice on the choice of chip, this can be requested by ticking the appropriate box.

Each individualization progress is visualized in parallel. The last step is then the request for an offer.

Chip selection is the only step in which personal advice can be taken – how often is this offer used?

The configurator validates many years of experience: Around 90 percent of interested parties rely on support in selecting the right RFID chip. At this point of individualization, technological knowhow beyond optical design is in demand. The technical specifications must be clarified in order to be able to recommend the technology to be used. At this point AEG ID offers a comprehensive range of manufacturers and RFID technologies, also with regard to memory sizes and coding services.

The focus is clearly on RFID technology, but it also happens that customers deliberately order keyfobs without an integrated RFID chip. These keyfobs are then not used as an identification medium but as a promotional gift. Sports clubs also often order chip-less keyfobs with their club logo as gifts for members.

Chip consulting is more of a "classic" service field. What is the main benefit of the online configurator for the customer?

Users of the configurator are mainly planners, buyers or IT service staff. The configurator enables you to obtain a digital proof immediately, without any consultation or waiting times. Whether for machine registrations or as a medium for access control – the proof can be forwarded directly to future users for viewing.

The visualization of the keyfob is one of the most effective decisionmaking aids. And this is where the circle closes in comparison to the established new car configurators. The online services are intuitive to use and generate an almost 1:1 representation of the desired product in no time at all.

Is an online configurator also conceivable for RFID cards?

A card configurator would also be theoretically feasible. However, the added value would be small. Cards always have two identical, perfectly flat surfaces. The possibilities for individualization are more limited and easier to imagine. With keyfobs, the different combinations tend to convince the need for digital representation.

This is also confirmed by the user figures – although only online for a few weeks, worldwide keyfob enquiries via the configurator have increased.

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