Meet AIM Global at Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

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Meet AIM Global at Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023

AIM Global – A Pioneering and Visionary Industry Association!

As the largest event of its kind in Europe, the Wireless IoT tomorrow brings together the brightest minds, visionary innovators, and industry leaders to explore the limitless potential of the IoT landscape. We are thrilled to announce the industrial association AIM Global as a Gold Sponsor and Association Partner of this year’s event.

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About AIM Global

Established in 1973, AIM Global serves as the worldwide industry association that unites, standardizes, and propels automatic identification technologies. With chapters spanning numerous countries and regions globally, AIM boasts over 400 members hailing from industry, research, and politics across more than 30 countries. Many of those convened in Wiesbaden just before the Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023 to celebrate AIM’s 50th anniversary.

AIM’s Mission

At the core of AIM’s mission lies a dynamic network, fostering the growth and global reach of AutoID technologies and processes, while cultivating a culture of collaborative engagement. Through globally connected Experts Groups focused on ORM, RFID, NFC, RTLS, Systems Integration, AutoID & Security, as well as RFID & Sensors, AIM drives initiatives in standardization, cutting-edge technologies, applications, and regulatory frameworks.

AIM Global in the Wireless IoT tomorrow Webcast Series

In conjunction with its participation at the Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023, AIM Global will also be featured in a webcast episode that will delve into the pivotal role of RFID/AutoID in revolutionizing production and logistics processes, propelling them towards unmatched efficiency and paving the way for seamless autonomous operations.

Discover how standardization serves as the bedrock of this transformation and unlocks unparalleled value across industries. Navigate through the dynamic markets and promising perspectives that await in the RFID/AutoID landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain comprehensive insights into the future of connected processes and explore the exciting horizons that lie ahead.

Mark Your Calendar

23 Feb 2024 - AIM Global

AIM Global will be present at the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 on October 18th & 19th. Join them at booth #44 and talk to the experts face-to-face!

Join us as we uncover the future of wireless IoT innovation with AIM Global. Be part of the drive that will shape industries, redefine connectivity, and inspire the next generation of IoT enthusiasts.

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Tickets are available here!

Chuck Evanhoe
Chuck Evanhoe
Chairman, Board of Directors
Warrendale, PA , USA
Mary Lou Bosco
Mary Lou Bosco
Association Executive
Warrendale, PA , USA
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