ALT Technologies Develops Custom Adhesive and RFID Solutions

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ALT Technologies Develops Custom Adhesive and RFID Solutions

Over 50 years of experience designing customer-specific solutions!

ALT Technologies started with adhesive products. Today, the company delivers custom solutions to the durable goods industries, including automotive, home appliances and electronics. For this, an advanced product development plan is key.

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ALT Technologies develops cutting-edge solutions through collaboration with its customers. Together with them, the company discusses specific problems to create a practical and precise product - from occupant safety components, custom-made labels, RFID labels, and EMI shielding, to thermal, protective and functional parts.

What are the Advantages of working with ALT?

  • 50+ Years Converting and Material Experience
  • 100/100 Just in Time and High Volume Delivery
  • Application Specific Engineering
  • Global - Geographically Close to You
  • Innovative Research and Development
  • Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free Solutions
  • IATF, ISO, UL, SCA Standards and APQP Project Management

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Which Products does ALT Technologies deliver?

  • Airbag Covers
  • Inflator Seals
  • Protective Components
  • Labels
  • RFID Labels
  • TT Ribbons
  • EMI Shielding
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Insulators

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Maybe ALT Technologies has already delivered a product for your problem. If not, have the capabilities to make a customized solution happen. Contact the experts and learn more!

Get to know our products

RFID Labels
Erwin de Groot
Erwin de Groot
Global Account Manager
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jelmer Sminia
Jelmer Sminia
Product Development Manager
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jan van Honk
Jan van Honk
Sales Director
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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