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Printed Electronics for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Image: ALT Technologies

Printed Electronics for Electric Vehicle Batteries

ALT Technologies Launches Printed Cell Connection System

  • Flexible printed electronics for cell connections
  • Printed battery cell connections
  • Less labor-intensive battery assembly
  • Customizable for higher voltage

Electric vehicle (EV) battery cells are the cornerstone of e-mobility transition. Cells which are underperforming compared to average have an adverse effect on the battery‘s longevity and the vehicle‘s overall range. It is key to identify those cells quickly. The printed Cell Connection System, which ALT Technologies introduced in May 2023, takes Battery Management Systems (BMS) to the next level as it makes monitoring each cell possible.

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ALT Technologies‘ New Battery Management System (BMS) Solution

With the new Cell Connection System by ALT Technologies, the task of monitoring aging, charging status and depth of discharge is accomplished by using one thin strip of PET foil with printed electronics on it. The strip is custom-made for the battery cells at hand, featuring opposite connecting lobes for each cell. Instead of thick, entangled strands of wire, the 0.03 mm thin printed conductive track runs in an order along the foil in a Poka Yoke manner. It is affixed to the cell connectors using conductive glue. As welding is no longer needed, battery assembly with the Cell Connection System requires much less manual labor, can be completed much faster and can also be automated easier.

Optimal Resistance and Conductivity

ALT Technologies produces the Cell Connection System using different kinds of conductive inks to achieve the conductivity and track resistance levels which customers need. The same applies to the conductive glue. It is pressure-sensitive and can meet different conductivity requirements depending on the customers’ specifications. Protection and isolation layers shield the printed electronic foil from overload, high temperatures and other environmental impact factors.

Applications which feature high voltage, or are too high for printed electronics, can be supplied with higher-quality and higher-conductivity pure copper flat wires produced by die-cutting.

Future Applications

The printed Cell Connection System is currently being tested thoroughly so as to further improve its performance. Other uses for printed electronics include button and sensor replacements as additional features in the near future.

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