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ALT Technologies Provides Extensive Automotive Expertise

Image: ALT Technologies

ALT Technologies Provides Extensive Automotive Expertise

100% Custom-Made Products & Solutions for the Automotive Industry!

ALT Technologies is a global supplier of innovative RFID tags and labels for the automotive industry. Every product is 100 % custom-made and produced at one of our globally located production facilities.

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The Focus is on Automotive

The main market of the Utrecht-based company is the automotive sector, with an 85 % turnover and +300 million supplied components per year. ALT Technologies has over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry. The experts keep up to date with the latest manufacturing and safety requirements of automotive parts and are active in developing new tailor-made RFID products and solutions.

Aside from the automotive industry, ALT Technologies is also involved in other markets including home appliances and durable goods.

“We also have customers approaching us from non-automotive industries because of our extensive knowledge in RFID label specifications, certifications and requirements. We can consult customers in other industries, based on this knowledge – and this makes us unique,” says Erwin de Groot, Global Account Manager at ALT Technologies.

100% Customized

All products produced by ALT Technologies are custom-made. “We do not produce or sell any catalog items but we do have a toolbox from which we develop products and solutions. We develop products and solutions specifically with each and every one of our customers. It is a development process that we go through, in close cooperation with our customers,” says Erwin de Groot.

From Start to Finish

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ALT Technologies works closely with customers to create tailor-made RFID solutions. Erwin de Groot comments: “We prefer to have a long-term relationship with our customers. Automotive projects can take up to eight years – we typically have a two-year development phase and then the production phase which can take four to six years. In fact, we are now quoting projects what will have an end of production life in 2030. We strive to have a long-term commitment with our customers and to support them with our comprehensive knowledge and expertise every step of the way – from start to finish.”

Plans for the Future

ALT Technologies looks positively towards the future. The company sees an increasing number of requests for quotations within the automotive industry, despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, chip shortage and the crisis in Ukraine.

“We expect to continue receiving more inquiries in 2022 for RFID solutions and products, particularly for the automotive industry. However, there are of course challenges that we have to overcome. The crisis in Ukraine for example is putting pressure on the automotive market, and on the worldwide economy. This, in combination with the chip shortage, puts a strain on product development. However, we tackle these challenges one at a time and we are highly motivated to start new projects with our customers in 2022,” says Erwin de Groot, providing some insights.

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Erwin de Groot
Erwin de Groot
Global Account Manager
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jelmer Sminia
Jelmer Sminia
Product Development Manager
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jan van Honk
Jan van Honk
Sales Director
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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