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ANIE Automazione and OPC Foundation Announce Liaison Agreement

Image: OPC Foundation

ANIE Automazione and OPC Foundation Announce Liaison Agreement

Agreement to Cooperate on the Adaption of OPC UA

ANIE Automazione and OPC Foundation are proud to announce a comprehensive collaboration program, focusing on the technology transfer and for further adoption of OPC UA in the Italian market.

29 Feb 2024 - UT-F190-B40-2V1D-FR from Pepperl+Fuchs

ANIE Automazione and OPC Foundation have agreed to the following activities:

  • Realizing interoperability demos on the “field level” and “field-to-cloud” paradigms.
  • Extensive training program for ANIE members, to bring them up to date on the latest developments on OPC UA and make them proficient on latest OPC Foundation demos.
  • ANIE member companies can join OPC Foundation field-to-cloud demo, so that data from their devices will be visible in the cloud dashboard from AWS and Microsoft.
  • ANIE helps OPC Foundation to provide Italian translations of marketing material like the OPC UA brochure to make it even simpler for Italian automation companies to fully understand the present value and the future potential of the underlying technologies.
  • ANIE Automazione and OPC Foundation will organize joint conferences.

The collaboration between the two associations will be visible at a joint booth at SPS 2023 in Parma. The booth will present the main OPC UA technologies and will be jointly managed by OPC Foundation experts and ANIE members.

List of activities in Parma - joint booth in Pavilion 4, position B009/B010

  • Demo 1: Field level communication with OPC UA Field eXchange (UAFX) Controller-to-controller, Controller-to-device, Safety, Instrumentation, Motion
  • Demo 2: Cloud connectivity with OPC UA over MQTT or via REST Secure and scalable field to cloud connectivity with or without IoT gateways/agents
  • Conference on May 24th at 2.15 pm at the Red Arena in Pavilion 8: “Beyond controller-to-controller: OPC UA paves the way to the cloud”
  • Italian translation of OPC UA brochure

“Italy is the second biggest automation market in Europe; Italian machine builders are world leader in many segments and Italy’s manufacturer include the top global players in many industries, from automotive manufacturing to fashion and luxury goods, food&beverage and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the importance of Italy for the OPC Foundation is very clear” says Stefan Hoppe, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation. “With this collaboration, we aim to help Italian OEMs and manufacturing companies to understand and embrace the importance of OPC UA as the common language of automation, not just in the field, but all the way to the cloud. Moreover, we look forward to technical contributions to the Foundation of many leading Italian automation companies”.

29 Feb 2024 - SICK RFU6xx Family

“The digitalization of the automation industry is both an opportunity and a challenges, and OPC UA is establishing itself at the de-facto standard in this area“, says Marco Svara, President of the Interconnection and Control area of ANIE Automazione and coordinator of the ANIE OPC UA working group. “If Italian automation companies don’t adopt the OPC UA standard, it’s just like our export managers not being able to speak English. Moreover, the OPC UA standard is evolving towards many sectors where Italy has the potential to express leadership: Italian companies cannot miss this opportunity. Therefore, ANIE has an important role in helping our manufacturers understand and invest in OPC UA”.

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UT-F190-B40-2V1D-FR from Pepperl+Fuchs
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Stefan Hoppe
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