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Interview with Apulsetech: RFID Readers Produced in South Korea

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Interview with Apulsetech: RFID Readers Produced in South Korea

Product Development at Apulsetech: From Handheld, to Desktop, to Fixed RFID Readers

Since 2019, Apulsetech has been manufacturing RFID readers and modules for a wide variety of applications in various industries, from retail, to healthcare and the construction industry. Christy Cho, Sales Manager at Apulsetech explains the product journey from 2019 til now and the challenges that the company faces in 2022.

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How has the product portfolio of Apulsetech developed since the company’s establishment?

Apulsetech was established in 2019. Since then, we have been developing many different types of RFID products. All our products are produced and manufactured by us in South Korea. At the early stages of development, these products were not yet market ready. We were experimenting with the design of our own RFID modules based on the Impinj R2000 UHF RFID module. After this phase of development, we began manufacturing our UHF RFID mobile and desktop readers. These include the a711 and a811 that were launched in 2020, and the a611 and a712 that were launched at the end of 2021. Since 2021, we have also begun development on cold chain products that can detect temperature and humidity based on RFID tags.

What kind of product developments are in the pipeline in 2022?

Our 5th RFID reader – the a312 – has also already been launched and deployed in South Korea. This reader is a very new project for us. We are experts at the design and manufacture of handheld terminals, however, fixed readers are completely new in our product portfolio. In order to offer our fixed readers to the global markets, the a312 is currently being deployed and tested locally. So far, our local clients have report successful implementations and positive results. Further modules are currently being developed, along with a new RFID desktop reader – the a411, which will be launched at the end of 2022 with a wider range of functions.

What makes Apulsetech RFID readers unique?

Our RFID readers have a much larger lineal antenna that provides longer reading distances compared to our competitors. The technical and structural design of our readers are also unique. The mobile UHF RFID reader a712, announced at the end of 2021, for example has a special cross type linear antenna which you cannot find with other brands. Another unique selling point of our readers, is that all our handheld terminals use the same software development kit (SDK). Once a client purchases our products, they usually need to develop the software apps to be able to use new hardware. However, with our SDKs, our clients can adapt to different types of models using the same SDK. This means that only minimal effort is required by our clients to modify existing systems.

What are the challenges in terms of product development that you face in 2022?

In terms of product development and deployment, we have been making steady progress. However, the major challenges for us, as with many other companies worldwide, is the shortage of chips and parts. Apart from this, Apulsetech looks towards a good year of business in both the local and global markets.

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Christy Cho
Christy Cho
Oversea Business Manager
Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Robin Jang
Robin Jang
Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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