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Apulsetech Leaves its Footprint in the Healthcare Industry

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Apulsetech Leaves its Footprint in the Healthcare Industry

A Digital Transformation: From Barcode Systems to RFID Systems

Apulsetech, a manufacturer of RFID hardware from South Korea, is contributing to the deployment of RFID systems in the South Korean healthcare industry. According to Christy Cho, Sales Manager at Apulsetech, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)-based government property management systems have been put in place in South Korea since its initial system development in 2004. As of 2021, RFID technology is currently applied to all government properties for efficient management. In 2021, the education sector is starting to use RFID-based property management systems in several school properties. Today, all-encompassing RFID implementation is deployed in tracking pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. Apulsetech plays an active part in this digital transformation.

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Localizing Medical Supply Cabinets at Seoul Samsung Hospital

Apulsetech built its reputation in the local South Korean RFID market with its involvement in a project with the Seoul Samsung Hospital. The hospital needed a solution to control the assets within the cabinets at item level. As certain assets proved to be difficult to detect due to size and metal, or liquid interference, it was decided to track the medical supply cabinets instead of each individual asset.

Apulsetech provided customized RFID readers for the tracking and control of medical supply cabinets throughout the hospital. The design encompasses a box that holds both the RFID reader and antenna within it. These boxes are attached next to hospital doors throughout the building. The RFID tags attached to each medical supply cabinet in this solution were provided by Confidex. The reader captures the data from the attached RFID tags as they move out or enter the through each door. This way, hospital staff are able to clearly see the location of each medical supply cabinet.

“This project began in 2020 and has been successful so far,” says Christy Cho, and continues: “With the success of this project, the Seoul Samsung Hospital is considering an expansion of this solution to other hospitals.”

RFID Systems for South Korean Pharma Wholesalers

Between 10-15% of pharmaceutical products in Korea are currently manufactured with RFID-based systems. The South Korean government has announced its support to increase the use of RFID systems in pharmaceutical manufacturing. South Korean pharmaceutical wholesalers needed to control the drugs that are distributed and sold. Currently, both barcode and RFID are being used.

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“These pharmaceutical wholesalers approached us regarding the implementation of RFID systems for the control of their drugs. The barcode and RFID system that they were originally using was not meeting their expectations and they required an RFID system that was both reliable and efficient. We provided them with the a611 RFID handheld terminal, which was handy and simple to use when connected to a table PC. The a611 also includes a barcode scanner.” comments Christy Cho.

When an order is received online, the wholesalers needed to check if the items were in stock in the warehouse. This is done via the RFID and barcode system that Apulsetech makes possible with the a611. Before, these warehouse checks needed to be performed 2-3 times to ensure the correct information was collected. Now, the check only needs to be done once.

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Christy Cho
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