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Asygn: From Software Providers to Manufacturers of Sensing Chips

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Asygn: From Software Provider to Manufacturer of Sensing Chips

Asygn’s Journey to Becoming Experts in UHF RFID Sensing Technology

Founded in 2008 and based in Grenoble, France, Asygn started out as a software provider. From 2010 onwards, Asygn began developing radio frequency products. Now, Asygn is the world’s first provider of UHF RFID sensor chips that enable battery-less sensing applications.

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From Small to Mid-Sized Company in 14 Years

Asygn started out as a small start-up company focusing on software development in 2008. The team consisted of experts with experience and knowledge in analog and RF IC design. In 2014, the French company started to develop its own product portfolio of analog sensor interfaces and battery-less wireless sensors. In 2015 – the AS3125 – the very first product was launched and is now applied worldwide in many applications. Now, Asygn has grown to accommodate 40 employees with extensive knowledge on RF and sensing technology.

A Unique Offer for the RFID Market

With the combination of both identification and sensing capabilities, Asygn has developed a unique solution for the RFID market. Asygn has a large portfolio that includes seven different kinds of products, each with different sensors. All these sensors include temperature and selectively humidity, strain, and lighting.

“Asygn is the first to develop RFID chips with sensing capabilities. This is what makes us unique to our competitors. We aim to continue this development and provide unique solutions for various applications in many industries, including retail, smart city, logistics and industrial IoT.” says Frederic Maricourt, Sales Director at Asygn.

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UHF RFID Strain Sensor AS3213S
UHF RFID Humidity Sensor AS3213RH
UHF RFID Temperature Sensor AS3213T
AS321x Battery-Less UHF RFID Sensors
Lionel Geynet
Lionel Geynet
RFID Business Unit Manager
Grenoble, France
Lunéa Perluss
Lunéa Perluss
Promotion and Sales Assistant
Grenoble, France
Ivan Samyshev
Ivan Samyshev
Sales Manager
Grenoble, France
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