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Asygn’s Trusted Partners in Label Production and Distribution

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Asygn’s Trusted Partners in Label Production and Distribution

Sensory ICs of the AS321X Family Featured in Many Innovative Tags

At a glance:

  • Tageos embeds AS321X in the EOS-840 sensor products
  • Robust industrial tags with HID and Confidex
  • First sensory on-metal tag with Identiv
  • Number of applications to grow in the next years

Chip providers like Asygn need trusted partners in order for their semi-finished commodity to become finished high-tech products that can be used in auto-ID and other applications. Asygn holds a patent for the world’s first UHF RFID sensory IC, the AS321X, and has partnered with some of the industry’s best label and solution producers who help to distribute their innovative sensory IC.

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Strong Long-Standing Partnership with Tageos

The very first partner who embedded the ICs of the AS321X family on to their labels was Tageos. This is a French label producer who stands out by a distinct strategy and the dedication to providing the most innovative and highest-quality products. Headquartered in Montpellier in the southern part of France, Asygn has worked with Tageos for a long time. “Tageos is a dedicated partner and our number one partner for labeling”, says Frederic Maricourt, Director of Sales & Marketing at Asygn. “We are truly thankful that the Asygn chip is embedded in Tageos’ EOS-840 Sensor products, giving them the capability to sense temperature, strain or light.”

Industrial Applications with HID Global and Confidex

Asygn has, to date, realized a number of industrial applications with HID Global. One of the most recent ones has involved the production of a robust RFID tag solution that allows customers in the renewable energy sector to optimize availability and prevent unplanned outages. Asygn’s AS321X ICs are embedded in tags in hydropower installations where they measure temperatures, deformation and improve condition monitoring.

Confidex is another trusted partner for industrial applications. “We help partners like Confidex or HID Global to expand their tag portfolio”, explains Frederic Maricourt. “Our partners mostly address the identification market, so adding sensing capabilities is brand new and interesting for them.”

The Market’s First Sensory On-metal Tag with Identiv

Identiv is using the AS321X ICs for the world’s first sensory on-metal tag. The Tag on Metal (TOM®) label captures temperature and strain data near metallic objects. Tracking these and other sensor data, Identiv’s Asygn-based devices are ideal for industrial, logistics, supply chain, and other applications needing advanced monitoring without the cost and maintenance overhead of a battery-powered device.

Increase in Applications Expected

28 Sep 2023 - Asygn’s Trusted and Reliable Solution Partners

So far, the identification market has been able to provide satisfactory solutions to customers which do not include sensing capabilities. “This is brand new”, says Frederic Maricourt. “We will work in close cooperation with the tag makers and the number of applications will certainly grow in the coming years as everybody learns about the new possibilities.” The range of application fields is vast and includes construction, automotive, agriculture, logistics and healthcare.

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