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Tracking the Condition of Valuable Plants with RFID Sensor Tags

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Tracking the Condition of Valuable Plants with RFID Sensor Tags

Asygn has Obtained Proof of Concept for AS321X for Agriculture

At a glance:

  • AS321X for sensing temperature, humidity and light
  • Proof of concept in greenhouse environment
  • Tagging at individual or group level
  • Assist growers to increase production

It is mandatory to track temperature, humidity and light during the growing and transportation of valuable plants. Asygn’s ICs of the AS321X family which are embedded in a variety of labels and tags, meet the demands of these agricultural uses very well. They can sense temperature, strain, humidity, light, LED, motion, pressure and more. This kind of encompassing passive RAIN RFID sensor solution is unique in the world.

25 Oct 2023 - Asygn’s Trusted Partners in Label Production and Distribution

Range of Agricultural Use Cases for the Sensor Tags

The embedded sensor ICs can be used in greenhouses and for open-field precision farming. Greenhouses provide protected safe and stable conditions for plants to grow in. Variations occur even in greenhouses, however, so monitoring the precise growing conditions is important. The three main sensor applications which the AS321X is used for in greenhouses concern temperature, humidity and light monitoring. In combination with drones, AS321X can also be deployed for open-field farming.

Application Within Greenhouses

Asygn’s customers affix sensor tags not only to individual plants, but also on groups or clusters of plants. Fixed RFID readers within the greenhouse can be used to capture all the tags. Alternatively, mobile readers on trolleys can be slowly wheeled down the aisles, capturing all available tag information, or handhelds or wearable readers can be used to power the tags and obtain the data wirelessly. Attached to the plant groups from growing to transportation and to the final user, customers can trust in an increase in condition information at the level of specified plants clusters. With careful planning and attention to detail, farmers can also use the sensor data to increase their chances of producing a bountiful harvest.

AS321X and the Mandatory Tracking of Cannabis Plants

Recreational cannabis use has been legalized in a large number of states in the US and more recently in Germany. Along with these legal changes strict rules concerning the tracking of cannabis plants from seed to sale have been introduced at the individual plant level. RFID tagging each plant to ensure compliance, seed to sale tracking guarantees every gram of cannabis stays legal throughout its lifecycle. The AS321X allows growers to meet governmental tracking demands and also provides useful information concerning the plants’ well-being.

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