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Intelligent labels for better patient care

Intelligent labels and connected pharma packaging for better patient care!

As healthcare professionals turn to connected devices and wearables to improve patient care and the patient experience, pharmaceutical brands can innovate with connected packaging and labels.

RFID inlays and technologies provide end-to-end inventory and item tracking solutions for increased accuracy, visibility, and security, starting at the point of manufacture.

An intelligent labelling partner you can trust

Avery Dennison has developed a portfolio of high-quality products, including tamper-evident containers, RFID labels, and luminescent labels that provide pharmacists, hospitals, and those they are treating with vital information.

These critical RFID-enabled solutions streamline efficiencies, improve accuracy, and help manage costs, all while fighting pharmaceutical brand counterfeiting.

Improved inventory accuracy

RFID technology helps improve inventory accuracy through faster stock checks, eliminating manual paperwork, easier identification of near expiration medication, and reducing processing time.

Reduced Medical Errors

RFID technology helps reduce medical errors by eliminating human errors and helps ensure that medication is correct and safe to use.

Connected packaging extends patient care

RFID / NFC pharmaceutical labels enhance the patient experience and can even help lower rates of infection. Within our standard portfolio we offer solutions that enable rapid patient identification and matching with medications, and solutions that track device life cycles.

Let's start a new project together! Contact Benoît Jourde, Sr Business Development Manager Pharmaceutical & Healthcare at Avery Dennison.

Get to know our products

Minidose U8 RFID Inlay
atma.io Connected Product Coud
Sensor Temperature Dogbone™
AD-665u8 WET WHITE UHF Inlay
AD-301r6 Gen2 UHF Inlays
AD-681 Gen2 UHF inlays
Frank Smits
Frank Smits
Business Development Manager, Healthcare & Pharma
Oegstgeest near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tony Fazhev
Tony Fazhev
Business Development Specialist, NFC/Wine & Spirits
Oegstgeest near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lauri Hyytinen
Lauri Hyytinen
Business Development Manager, Automotive
Oegstgeest near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Patrick Eichstädt
Patrick Eichstädt
Sales Director, Industry Sales, EMEA
Oegstgeest near Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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