Providing the global automotive industry with best in class RFID

Avery Dennison's advanced UHF RFID inlays ensure complete visibility and control of the production and logistics processes of automotive supply chain companies.

Avery Dennison is now also targeting the global automotive industry!

Avery Dennison developed the first pressure sensitive label 15 years ago. Founded in Pasadena, California, the company, with over 90 years of experience in material development for coding solutions, is today the leading manufacturer of UHF RFID inlays with more than 1,000 patents ans applications.

Previously active primarily in the apparel, food, and aviation industries, Avery Dennison is now targeting the global automotive industry.

RFID & Wireless IoT Global spoke with the Avery Dennison‘s experts Tony Fazhev, Jordi Baeta, Frank Smits, and Jasper Zonnenberg about the goals and products the company is now pursuing in this new direction.

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RFID inlay market leadership

Avery Dennison is currently the most experienced developer and supplier of UHF RFID inlays on the global market. What is this confident self-assessment based on? For Jasper Zonnenberg, Global Senior Director, Converter Leverage and Aviation Market Development, Intelligent Labels, Avery Dennison, several aspects play an influential role.

“Avery Dennison‘s strategic decision to start producing RFID inlays some 20 years ago was fundamental. With this early start, the company was able to gain a market lead that is still in place today. No other company in the world delivers a comparable number of RFID inlays year after year to vertical markets – apparel, cosmetics, food, or aviation – like Avery Dennison.”

Innovations and partners

Jordi Baeta, Market Development Manager, Intelligent Labels, EU, Avery Dennison points out that Avery Dennison sees further reasons for the success of the RFID department in its many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of RFID inlays.

“No other company has brought comparable numbers of innovations for the use of RFID labels to market maturity in the past decades. We designed the first passive RFID labels for the apparel industry. Looking beyond the fashion sector, you can immediately see that Avery Dennison has built up an extensive partner network with label converters over the past few years. These companies reliably bring billions of primarily UHF RFID labels to the world‘s largest applications.”

Know-how and RF-Engineering

Another aspect that significantly supports the development of RFID label solutions is the “DNA” of Avery Dennison. Founded in 1935 as a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels, the company is now a global materials science and manufacturing company. Developments in identification and functional materials have had a strong impact on the RFID department, as Jasper Zonnenberg reports:

“For more than 90 years, Avery Dennison has been developing identification solutions and continuously researching new materials. This comprehensive know-how, combined with over 20 years of development experience in the field of RFID technology, is unique.”

Know-how in automotive

“What helps us launching our broad RFID activities for solutions in the automotive industry is that we are already established with other businesses in this sector,” says Jordi Baeta. Jasper Zonnenberg adds: “The automotive industry is no stranger to Avery Dennison. For instance, we have the IATF 16949 certification required by automobile manufacturer for label production in Belgium. This makes us a certified supplier to the automotive industry. It‘s a business we know our way around.”

Product development

As Jasper Zonnenberg reports, the step of now wanting to supply the automotive industry with RFID inlays is a part of a comprehensive strategy:

“We have clearly noticed that RFID technology is at a special threshold in the automotive industry right now. So far, labels have mainly been used in vehicle development and in specific tests and pilots. What we can see now is the increasing interest from the automotive industry in using RFID as an enabler of industry 4.0, to bring higher efficiency and transparency of the full supply chain. And this is the exact starting point for Avery Dennison.”

VDA compliant

“As in other vertical markets where Avery Dennison is a market leader as a UHF RFID inlay supplier, we plan to work closely with partners in the automotive sector,” says Tony Fazhev, Product Manager, EU, Intelligent Labels, Avery Dennison. “Our goal is to apply our expertise in materials such as films and adhesives that work in the automotive industry with all its challenges like heat or chemicals, together with our partners in the label conversion sector, to the requirements of customers in the automotive industry. This material know-how in combination with the world‘s largest production capacity for inlays and the possibility of adapting all VDA recommendations with regard to design and memory size is seen as an unassailable advantage.”


The experts at Avery Dennison see themselves in a forward looking starting position based on the experience of the entire company and their know-how in the development of RFID solutions in particular. With a team of specialists in development, sales, and marketing, the focus is now on RFID solutions for processes in the automotive supply chain.

“Based on the previous experience of Avery Dennison, we offer two advantages for our customers: Firstly, they get an innovative RFID solution in terms of performance, size and shape, read range, and robustness. Secondly, we can offer a price/performance ratio that is unmatched in the market due to our advanced, material-saving production methods,” says Jordi Baeta.

Integrating technical know-how

Avery Dennison uses a special method to connect chip and antenna in the inlay, as Frank Smits, Business Development Manager, Intelligent Labels, Avery Dennison, reports: “The 'strap-attach method' developed by Avery Dennison creates a particularly durable and robust connection between the antenna and chip function modules. At the same time, this connection method gives the user complete freedom in the choice of packaging materials. This enables us to meet almost any customer requirement.”

UHF tyre label shows the potential

Jasper Zonnenberg outlines how Avery Dennison can contribute its expertise to label development for special challenges in the automotive industry: “In some international markets RFID-enabled tyre labels are already required. The special label we developed is designed so that metal in the tyre carcass does not limit the performance of the inlay.”

In addition, the label is produced with a white, stain-resistant cover material. Frequently used metallized surfaces, which represent a particular challenge for the use of UHF RFID, are no longer required. The know-how from the development of the thinnest on-metal inlays is applied to the tyre label or other automotive labels as well as a 100 percent quality control of every inlay produced.”

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Jordi Baeta
Jordi Baeta
Market Development Manager RFID EMEA
Sant Quirze del Valles, Spain
Jasper Zonnenberg
Jasper Zonnenberg
Global Senior Director, Converter Leverage and Aviation Market Development, Intelligent Labels
Oegstgeest near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frank Smits
Frank Smits
Business Development Manager Intelligent Labels
Oegstgeest near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tony Fazhev
Tony Fazhev
Product Manager Intelligent Labeling, Europe | RFID Team
Oegstgeest near Amsterdam, Netherlands
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