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AX‘Lin: RFID Tags for Textiles with High Added Value

Image: Axem Technology

AX‘Lin: RFID Tags for Textiles with High Added Value

AXEM Technology Opens New Factory for UHF Laundry Tags

AXEM Technology offers its AX’Lin tag range for the laundry industry. Included in this range are the AX’Lin Small, AX’Lin Standard, and the AX’Lin Large. They can be either heat-sealed on the linen or sewn on. All tags are designed in the AXEM Lab in France and manufactured in the AX’Lin Smart Factory 4.0, its new state-of-the-art production line located on the same site.

  • Three different form factors
  • Customization available

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High-Quality Production

A brand new production line has recently been opened at AXEM Technology’s: the AX’Lin Smart Factory in Créteil, near Paris, France. All stages of the tag assembly will be carried out in the new production line: the embroidery of the conductive thread, the encoding of modules, and the placement of these modules in the center of the antenna of each tag. AXEM is currently able to produce five million AX’Lin laundry tags. With the additional production line, this figure will grow to 20 million by 2024 and up to 60 million by 2025.

Rising Demand for RFID in the Laundry Industry

Why was it necessary to open this production line specifically for laundry tags? Answer: the growing demand in RFID as the laundry market undergoes digitization, as Cynthia Loup, Marketing & Communication Manager at AXEM Technology explains, “RFID enables an efficient and reliable tracking of linen. This is why we have a strong demand for RFID tags from customers in the laundry industry. Concerned with the relocation of production in Europe, AXEM Technology has strategically decided to localize the production of one of its product ranges in France. This way, we can ensure a better reactivity to the requests of our customers, shorten delivery times, and are able to offer more flexibility“.

Promising Future for RFID Laundry Tags

AXEM Technology has already planned the expansion of its AX’Lin laundry tags range. “Our marketing, sales and R&D teams are actively working together on the development of new innovative laundry tags for this range”, explains Cynthia Loup. New tags are designed in the RFID laboratory AXEM Lab, also located in Créteil. “AXEM’s core business is the design of customized products. We are also developing specific RFID tags for existing customers in the laundry market. In fact, we have recently designed a textile tag that is resistant to gamma ray sterilization processes.“

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Philippe MONDON
Philippe MONDON
CEO and Founder
Créteil Cedex, France
Cynthia LOUP
Cynthia LOUP
Marketing & Communication Manager
Créteil Cedex, France
Emeline BUDIN
Emeline BUDIN
Sales Engineer in Germany
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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