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AXEM Technology: Achieving RFID

A Guide to Understanding RFID Technology!

Many companies are too quick to implement RFID in one or more applications without understanding its complexity. Due to lack of time, some do not sufficiently understand their identification and/or traceability needs, the constraints and risks that this represents, the context of the RFID application and the environment in which RFID is used, which too often leads to the failure of the project or to a disappointment as for the performance of the technology.

Today, the massive deployment of RFID worldwide, leads more and more companies to consider equipping themselves. AXEM Technology comes back for you on some essential points of RFID, to help you to better understand and understand all these stakes before launching!

What is RFID technology?

Before embarking on the construction and development of your RFID project, it is important to be fully aware of this technology. To learn more, read the article “Understanding RFID: the memory of a UHF EPC Class1 Gen2F tag” on the AXEM Technology blog!

Let’s recall some essential points: RFID technology is a technology of identification by radio frequency. In short, it allows the fast and multiple acquisition of data, at more or less long distance and blindly for identification and traceability.

The benefits of RFID technology and especially of UHF RFID are multiple but on condition that the choice of RFID equipment is adapted to the application and the environment in which it is used. For example, some materials can affect the resonance of the antenna of a UHF tag, thus affecting the overall efficiency of an inventory application.

An RFID solution includes an identifier, a reader, fixed or mobile, and a software. The identifier itself is made of a chip and an antenna. The reader is composed of an OEM antenna and an OEM RFID module. The software allows the acquisition and the exploitation of the data.

Unlike the barcode, which is one of the first traceability technologies, RFID works without contact and allows the identification of several objects at the same time. This technology also allows to write, erase and rewrite several data in the chip’s user memory.

But in concrete terms, what are the advantages of using this technology?

In recent years, the uses of RFID have proliferated and diversified. Consequently, the fields of application have become more and more numerous.

Regardless of the sector of activity in which this technology is used (for example: laundry, logistics, construction, defense …) its advantages are multiple:

  • Multiple and blind identification of your products,
  • Better management of your stock or tracking of your movements,
  • Simplification of your inventory procedures,
  • Save time and productivity,
  • Reliability of your data collection,
  • Simplification of customer invoicing
  • Optimization of your maintenance operations…

To meet all these requirements, it is equally important to choose the right equipment. We accompany you in the realization of your RFID project. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our business engineers!

RFID everywhere, all the time in your daily life

In some cities, such as Tokyo or Paris, RFID can be found at every corner, especially for information and communication. And it’s impressive!

  • In Japan, 10,000 RFID tags have been installed in the streets to inform pedestrians as they move or to send certain promotions to the street,
  • In France, 95,000 trees have been equipped with RFID tags to track them.

Companies have introduced RFID technology in many applications such as laundry tracking, pet and livestock identification, electrical component identification, tool tracking…

All these innovations lead us to believe that this technology is the one of the future. The possibilities of use are infinite, whatever the field of activity of today’s and tomorrow’s companies. “Achieve RFID! “

You want to implement an RFID project in your company, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t hesitate to contact AXEM Technology! A sales representative will get back to you shortly.

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