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AXEM Technology Awarded Silver Medal by EcoVadis

Image: AXEM Technology

AXEM Technology Awarded Silver Medal by EcoVadis

AXEM Technology Awarded Silver Medal by EcoVadis for its CSR Performance

AXEM Technology received a silver medal following the CSR annual assessment of EcoVadis, ranking it in the top 25% of companies assessed.

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EcoVadis is a globally recognized standard for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) assessments, which cover the environmental, social and ethical performance of a company.

Nowadays, purchasing professionals from more than 600 multinationals rely on EcoVadis ratings to make their daily purchasing decisions. Indeed, the procurement function now plays a key role in the development of CSR policies in companies. Effective CSR commitment implies responsible sourcing.

This internationally recognized label is an important step in the development of AXEM Technology’s CSR policy.

Our CSR Policy: The Driver of Our Transformation

Our CSR policy focuses on 4 major axes:

  1. Environment: controlling the impacts of our activities on environment and integrating environment from the design of our products through eco-design in particular.
  2. Human resources: ensuring the best possible working conditions for our employees by taking care of their well-being, their development and their skills development.
  3. Civil society: maintaining high standards in our economic relations while respecting the company’s values, particularly in our partnerships with our suppliers.
  4. Governance: monitoring strategic actions carried out with a better balance of power between all stakeholders.

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To learn more about our CSR commitments, click here.

EcoVadis CSR Assessments

EcoVadis methodology follows the international CSR standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the UN (United Nations) Global Compact and the ISO 260004 standard. The rating reviews a company’s policies, actions and results, based on its industry, size and geographic location.

The rating assesses a company’s CSR performance according to a broad spectrum of issues grouped into 4 themes:

  • Environment
  • Labor and Human Rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable Procurement

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