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AXEM Technology Designs New RFID Solutions in AXEM Lab

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AXEM Technology Designs New RFID Solutions in AXEM Lab

Development of Customized RFID Products for the Industry!

AXEM Technology was founded in 2003. The French RFID hardware specialist has been serving international markets since 2014. Laundries, the construction industry, aeronautics, the energy sector, logistics, rail transport, the automotive industry and the military use RFID solutions from AXEM Technology. This was followed in 2018 by the launch of the AXEM Lab, a research and development facility for new RFID products. Product development focuses on customer-specific solutions. Each year, the company invests 10 percent of its revenue in R&D.

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The RFID Research Laboratory: AXEM Lab

The AXEM Lab is the RFID laboratory of AXEM Technology in Paris, France. 15 employees work there. AXEM collaborates with RFID scientists and research institutions. The goal is to develop customized, innovative RFID solutions. Applied know-how about RFID chips, materials, repair processes, norms and international standards such as ATA Spec 2000 is part of the core competencies.

The AXEM Lab is where design, product testing and prototype development takes place. The AXEM Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment: design, simulations and analyse software (prototype development devices, testing machines and pre-industrialization equipment). Products are tested under real conditions and optimized for them.

Customized Product Development for Special RFID Solutions

Product development focuses on tags, labels, readers and antennas for industrial RFID solutions. Tag prototypes can be developed in a short time. Customers can visit the AXEM Lab to get an idea of RFID development capabilities.

"Understanding customer requirements is an essential part of product development. It is analyzed in detail which solution options are technically feasible," emphasizes Adrien Lemaire, CCO, AXEM Technology. "The on-site customer visit expands the opportunities for joint product development. Innovative end users who want to integrate RFID into their products are the target audience for the AXEM Lab's development capabilities."

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"The AXEM Lab is designed to conceptualize solutions for customers whose requirements cannot be met by commercially available RFID products," adds Mathieu Bagot, International Sales Manager, AXEM Technology. "These include, for example, the ergonomic AX'Up wire UHF RFID and barcode reader, the AX'Tag Bitumen for integration in bitumen, the AX'Tag Memento XL, a 6Kbits user memory UHF tag with low profile, and the AX'Label Gamma

"The latter is a UHF RFID label for healthcare applications that is applied to medical containers," Mathieu Bagot continues. "These are sterilized with gamma radiation. This would erase the data on conventional RFID labels. AX'Label Gamma, on the other hand, protects the stored information and is still functional. These are just a few examples of innovation from the AXEM Lab."

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