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AXEM Technology Expands the “AXEM Alliance” Partner Program

Image: AXEM Technology

AXEM Technology Expands the “AXEM Alliance” Partner Program

RFID Solutions Implemented in Collaboration with Partners!

AXEM Technology was founded back in 2003. Since 2014, the French hardware specialist has been serving international markets. The company is headquartered in Créteil Cedex near Paris. About half of the employees work in the R&D area. By the end of 2022, the number of employees is expected to double.

In the development of new solutions the company relies on partnerships with software vendors and system integrators. AXEM supports these with the partner program "AXEM Alliance". The result: End customers receive complete solution offers with coordinated hardware and software.

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Complete Solution Offerings Designed for Customers

AXEM Technologies is a hardware company. New products are developed in the RFID laboratory AXEM Lab in France. Prototype development as well as product testing takes place there. The partner program aims to familiarize selected software manufacturers and system integrators with the products and to offer customers complete RFID solutions.

"Customers need complete solutions consisting of hardware and software," explains Adrien Lemaire, CCO, AXEM Technology. "In the AXEM Lab, RFID products are developed for specific use cases. Expertise in handling AXEM's products is the basis for solution development. AXEM imparts this in the partner program. This is the only way to optimize RFID solutions for customers."

AXEM Alliance Partners Focused on Specific Regions and Market Segments

AXEM produces RFID hardware for the industry including industrial laundries, the construction industry, aeronautics, the energy sector, logistics, rail transport, the automotive industry, the military. System integrators and software vendors with company competencies in one or more of these areas are selected as partners.

The partners are active in specific regions and market segments. In the Benelux, AXEM cooperates with the electronics and automation specialist Elincom electronics. In Italy, a partnership was established with TechSigno Srl. which offers solutions for process monitoring.

Partner Program Achieves Technical and Marketing Benefits

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Together with partners, important end users are identified in a sales and action plan. Complete RFID solutions are designed for them. AXEM supports partners in press activities, social media promotion and with success stories as part of marketing.

In addition, AXEM offers partners technical training and access to the RFID laboratory AXEM Lab. Partners get comprehensive insights into the features of AXEM products. As a result, system integrators are able to work out solutions more efficiently with AXEM's products.

"The AXEM Alliance works as a multi-level system. Depending on the level, partners are preferentially selected for specific projects," explains Adrien Lemaire. "AXEM focuses on joint, long-term business development. Partner companies are well acquainted with the features of AXEM hardware. This accelerates solution development and solution rollout of RFID projects."

"Furthermore, innovative products are created in joint projects," Adrien Lemaire continues.

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Philippe MONDON
Philippe MONDON
CEO and Founder
Créteil Cedex, France
Cynthia LOUP
Cynthia LOUP
Marketing & Communication Manager
Créteil Cedex, France
Emeline BUDIN
Emeline BUDIN
Sales Engineer in Germany
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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