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AXEM Technology Presents the AX’Smart Reader 4

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AXEM Technology Presents the AX’Smart Reader 4

A Smart RAIN RFID 4 Ports Industrial Reader

AXEM Technology extends its range of industrial RFID equipment with the AX’Smart Reader 4, a fixed UHF RFID reader with an Android 9.0 operating system.

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This smart reader has 4 antenna ports with a maximum power of 30 dBm.

This reader is designed to facilitate industrial automation and can be used in the following applications: RFID portal for logistics, reading points in production or for access control, stock management, asset tracking, etc.

The AX’Smart Reader 4 is the best reader to set up an easy, standalone, efficient UHF RFID reading solution with a guaranteed return on investment of your global RFID identification system.

Watch our video to know more about this product :

Easy to Set Up and To Use

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This Android-based reader is easy to configure: 

  • Software development is much easier than on Linux.
  • The AX’Smart Reader 4 is immediately ready to use: graphical interfaces and features such as internet connection, telephony, GPS, Wifi and access to the Google store are provided by default with no need for development.
  • This smart reader is fully autonomous. No need to control it from a computer or tablet.

Quickly, your RFID reading system is in place.

Multiple Connection Options

The connection options are :

  • wired: PoE, PoE+, USB, HDMI, RS232, GPIO
  • wireless: WIFI, 4Bluetooth, LTE/G

It is possible to insert a GSM card in the reader and thus to operate the reader in 4G. in other words the reader does not need to be connected to the company’s IT network, resulting in real operational time savings. Installation and setup are quick and cost-effective.

Related Products and Accessories

The AX’Smart Reader 4 is provided with a power cable and a plug adaptor, 1 4G antenna and 1 WIFI antenna.

AXEM Technology supplies accessories and related products for the implementation of your RFID reading system: antennas, cables and mounting systems.

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