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B-Id Focuses on Manufacturing Custom RFID Hardware

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B-Id Focuses on Manufacturing Custom RFID Hardware

All Process Steps from Product Planning to Manufacturing from One Source!

RFID hardware manufacturer B-Id has over 20 years of experience in the development and production of special RFID transponders and hardware that meet customer-specific requirements. Since its founding in 2002, the company, headquartered in Hannoversch Münden, Germany, has become a leading OEM/ODM supplier. In doing so, B-Id serves both the European and North American markets.

10 Oct 2022 - B-Id presents the RFID Cable Transponder CBT1818

With expertise in materials science and tooling technology, the RFID expert enables customers to choose from a variety of transponder solutions. These include chemical- or heat-resistant transponders, tags with functionality on metal, and transponders in different frequencies and frequency combinations.

Products with Individual Design

The B-Id product portfolio includes industrial transponders, key fobs, RFID readers and smart cards. In production, B-Id uses specially adapted tools and molds. Printing, injection molding and laser engraving, as well as components in alternative shapes, are available for product customization.

"The focus in production is on customer-specific developments and the manufacture of components for industrial companies and system houses," explains Erhard König, Sales, B-Id. "In particular, customers who want to have a unique and recognizable design made benefit from the wide range of variants and the individualization options of the products. The high quality and recognition value strengthen the brand, while low tooling costs reduce the risk when introducing new products."

Product Development Adapted to Customer Requirements

Product development follows a clear roadmap: Key data such as technology and IC, memory size and frequency range, as well as design and material requirements, are clearly defined from the outset according to customer requirements.

19 Sep 2022 - B-Id Offers RFID and Die Cast Molding Component Solutions

Depending on the application, additional tuning of the antenna used is necessary. B-Id carries out this tuning as well as programming and pre-programming of the RFID component. The result: A tool prototype is created, which is further adapted until it meets all requirements. After the release of the prototype, mass production including quality and function control takes place.

Customers Benefit from B-Id Expertise Across Industries

B-Id's products and solutions are applicable across all industries. The manufacturer from Hannoversch Münden implements projects for operational processes in the retail, security, logistics and healthcare sectors.

"The product portfolio is designed to be able to serve many markets and industries," emphasizes Erhard König. "New projects are always emerging in which the company's many years of expertise are crucial to the successful development of a solution."

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Yiwen Jin
Yiwen Jin
Managing Director
Hannoversch Münden, Germany
Erhard König
Erhard König
Sales Manager
Hannoversch Münden, Germany
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