B-Id Offers RFID and Die Cast Molding Component Solutions

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B-Id Offers RFID and Die Cast Molding Component Solutions

Expertise in the Production of Components as the Basis for Process Reliable Solutions!

B-Id specializes in the contract manufacturing of special transponders and RFID hardware. This includes RFID transponders and key fobs in LF, HF and UHF frequencies as well as combinations of these frequencies, and high temperature UHF tags. In addition to the production of RFID components, the company offers contract manufacturing of pure molded parts made of plastic and metal.

19 Mar 2024 - On-Metal RFID Transponder for Bottle Labeling

Contract Manufacturing of Molded Parts

In the production of molded parts, a mold (tool) is used with a cavity into which the material is poured or pressed. The mold is designed individually for each type of molded part. Single, multiple and family molds with a variable number of cavities are available for production. This results in advantages for the customer, emphasizes Erhard König, Sales, B-Id: "Thanks to the variety of molds and experience in the production of ever new molds, both mass production and the production of very small quantities and prototypes according to specific customer requirements are possible."

Production Processes Increase Longevity and Reduce Costs

In addition to the production of molded parts made of plastics, B-Id also offers components manufactured by means of die casting processes. In these, molten zinc or aluminum is poured or pressed into steel molds. Components are manufactured repeatedly with precision. The products are characterized by tight tolerance ranges, variable and very thin wall thickness, complex cross-linked molds and high durability.

Molded Parts Integrated into Projects in Combination with RFID

Customers benefit from B-Id's hardware expertise in projects by creating new RFID components and molded parts for solutions. "For example, a new housing for an RFID key is developed," explains Erhard König. "This is followed by the development of a plastic holder for the key, which is integrated into a cabinet system. Additional encoding of the RFID component enhances security and increases customer loyalty."

Over 10 Different Plastics Available for Molded Parts

The following plastics are available for the production of individualized molded parts:

  • ABS | Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene
  • PA 6 | Polyamide 6, Nylon 6
  • PA 6/6 | Polyamide 6/6, Nylon 6/6
  • PC | Polycarbonate
  • PE | Polyethylene
  • POM | Acetal Polyoxymethylene, Delrin
  • PP | Polypropylene 
  • PPA | Polyphthalamide
  • PPS | Polyphenylene Sulphide, Ryton
  • PVC | Polyvinylchrolid (Shore D)

12 Mar 2024 - B-Id Develops On-Metal Tag for the Semiconductor Industry

Alternative plastics are available upon request. Contact the experts at B-Id!

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Yiwen Jin
Managing Director
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Erhard König
Sales Manager
Hannoversch Münden, Germany
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