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Smart Cards, Biometrics and New Work

With display cards and fingerprint cards for ID, banking and access applications, and Bluetooth cards for indoor RTLS and secure temperature monitoring during the transport of medical devices, a new drive is coming to the card industry.

Fingerprint Sensors + Bluetooth Cards for Indoor RTLS and Intelligent Access Solutions

B-Id, a developer of special transponders and smart cards, offers fingerprint ISO cards and newly developed Bluetooth ISO cards. Fingerprint cards pave the way for new applications in identification, banking, or tracking.

Millions of smart cards are used worldwide for access control and security, as processes in the modern working world are increasingly becoming automated and digitalized. Yiwen Jin, Managing Director of B-Id, explains why intelligent access control with smart cards and biometric data will still be state-of-the-art in 2020.

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Access Control with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a standard technology used for communication with external systems and devices via smartphones. B-Id has integrated Bluetooth components into an ISO smart card to enable indoor RTLS and asset management applications. Other applications include temperature monitoring of sensitive medical products and locating employees within the building.

In a high security environment, Bluetooth cards offer an alternative to active RFID or WLAN systems. As a popular technology worldwide, the method of use is widely understood. Authentication and access control can be achieved without having to physically tap the card at the reader. The reader can therefore be installed in a secure location to prevent sabotage or manipulation.

However, Bluetooth applications require sufficient energy to achieve large reading ranges of up to 100 meters. Thanks to research and development, B-Id's Bluetooth ISO card can currently be read up to a range of 10 meters, which guarantees its use for the above-mentioned applications.

Fingerprint Smart Cards Improve Security

Already more than three years ago, B-Id presented the first ISO-certified smart cards with integrated fingerprint sensors, which are powered by rechargeable batteries. The adaptation of the circuits in the card enables energy efficiency. The result of the development work: Reliable, energy-efficient smart cards with an integrated fingerprint sensor for security access control, authentication and identification applications.

Users can authenticate themselves with the fingerprint sensor. It ensures that the user is also the card holder. At the same time, the user is made aware of the activation of the card. Jumbo cards, which are particularly popular in the USA, function as membership cards that combine numerous functions such as dot-matrix displays, buttons and NFC for contactless applications.

The dynamic MagStripe technology can simulate various conventional magnetic stripes, so that a single card can act as a substitute for numerous cards. The desired function can be switched to a display or activated by pressing a button.

Biometric Cards at the Royal Bank of Scotland

In April 2019, the Royal Bank of Scotland initiated the very first biometric smart card pilot project in the United Kingdom. The project allows customers to authenticate and identify themselves via fingerprint. Around 200 RBS and NatWest customers were involved in the pilot project.

The sensors are powered by payment terminals and are integrated into the cards. Fingerprint authentication eliminates the need to restrict contactless payment transactions. At the same time, customer convenience and security levels are increased.

African Government Initiates Pilot Project for Biometric Smart Cards

An African government is planning – still in 2020 – to launch a pilot project for the use of biometric smart cards. The test phase was conducted in November 2019. These cards are equipped with fingerprint sensors, an operating system, biometric applets and a public key infrastructure (PKI). The smart cards are used for secure 2-factor authentication and form the basis for increasing the security level in e-government projects.

Biometric Smart Cards Launched at the Pleinair Casino

In 2017, biometric smart cards were deployed in the world's first outdoor casino, the Pleinair Casino in France. The smart card guarantees the identification of each person entering the casino, online games and surrounding hotels. This eliminates the need for passwords, logins and the necessity of showing an identity card. Security is improved at the same time.

These cards are also used for employee access control and guarantee access to private or privileged areas. It will also serve as a means for time keeping and attendance control.

Access Control with Smart Cards at Astra Lodge Falls Creek

Astra Lodge, a ski resort in Australia, has implemented an access control solution using smart cards. Replacing the security system of mechanical keys with electronic access control increases the security level. Smart cards can be captured by electronic escutcheons, which are able to read, receive and write information. The smart card data is then captured at online IP access points. These points contain user information that either grants or denies access.

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Yiwen Jin
Yiwen Jin
Managing Director
Hannoversch Münden, Germany
Erhard König
Erhard König
Sales Manager
Hannoversch Münden, Germany
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