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Covid-19 Crisis: B-Id Supports Customers with 2,000 Masks

Covid-19 Crisis: B-Id Supports Customers with 2,000 Masks

B-Id supports the procurement of protective equipment and sends a signal to the community!

In conversations with customers, Yiwen Jin, Managing Director B-Id, has learned that customers are experiencing massive difficulties in organizing protective masks for their employees. In some cases, the companies were quoted offers of horrendous costs per piece from dubious sources. From Yiwen Jin's point of view, this is an untenable situation for companies and employees, and the signal for immediate action.

"In a first step, we procured 2,000 protective masks from China, which we now distribute in 200 pieces each to customers mainly in France but also in Ireland. It is only a small sign, but everyone can now do their part to ensure that we get through this challenging time as well and safely as possible."

Good Order Situation Despite Limited Sales

The production of B-Id, like so many in the current situation, was affected by the effects of the pandemic. However, this did not create any economic challenges for the company itself.

"B-Id's manufacturing facilities in China were completely shut down for more than three weeks. Now production has restarted and all employees are pulling together and working overtime to process the orders. We are currently receiving more orders for identification media than we normally do during this time. Many companies have already wanted to replenish their stocks before the pandemic spread. Communication with our customers is going very well, although of course all personal appointments and trips have been cancelled," says Managing Director Yiwen Jin, explaining the current situation at B-Id.

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Yiwen Jin
Yiwen Jin
Managing Director
Hannoversch Münden, Germany
Erhard König
Sales Manager
Hannoversch Münden, Germany
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