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IO-Link Converter for RS232 Devices

IO-Link Converter for RS232 Devices

The simple and practical solution for connecting RS232 with IO-Link

Contrary to popular belief, serial RS232 communication is still used in many industrial applications. A typical example is the use of barcode scanners in the automobile or packaging industry.

Integrating RS232 interfaces into the existing control architecture is, however, often expensive and time-consuming because special components are often necessary, such as RS232 cards for the controller. This represents an obstacle for many in switching to IO-Link, with the result that they are unable to consistently take advantage of the benefits of this modern communication standard.

The solution is now here with our IO-Link converter for RS232 devices. The converters allow you to directly connect RS232 devices to an IO-Link terminal. No RS232 cards are necessary for the integration. Now you have a practical and simple to implement solution for uniform and comprehensive communication with all devices and bi-directional data transfer with the controller.

And even more: you can reliably monitor all the devices from a central location and configure them quickly and easily.


  • For bi-directional communication between RS232 and IO-Link
  • Two digital inputs
  • RS232 devices powered with 24 V DC
  • Easy diagnostics capabilities with status LEDs
  • High-quality, rugged IP67 stainless steel housing for strict requirements

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Marina Huber
Marina Huber
Communications Manager, Global Marketing
Neuhausen a.d.F., Germany
Rainer Traub
Rainer Traub
Product Cluster Manager Identification
Neuhausen a.d.F., Germany
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