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RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Issue 03/2022 - Publication date: September 14th, 2022
Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022, Exhibition & Conference, on October 19th & 20th in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt Airport), Germany
Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022, Exhibition & Conference, on October 19th & 20th in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt Airport), Germany 13 Get your ticket today!
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Balluff: Track & Trace Solutions for Transparent Production

Track-and-trace solutions for transparent production. (Image: Balluff)

Track & Trace Solutions for Transparent Production

Our total package: from evaluation to conception, to implementation!

Digitalization and IIoT have meant rapid diversification of technology and increased pressure to integrate. This is creating ever new challenges for companies.

Balluf has well-founded know-how and decades of experience in automation processes, along with a broad range of products. This expertise enables us to offer you optimal solutions and to integrate them into your applications, according to your specifications.

07 Sep 2022 - Technology Partnership Between Balluff and ruhlamat

Our services in detail

  • Evaluating the current situation
  • Developing the solution concept
  • Carrying out feasibility studies
  • Implementation and commissioning

Our application specialists and global service centers mean you can count on your worldwide support. You can rely on us for high system availability and fast project starts.

How we proceed – partnership in RFID project integration

As a rule, track-and-trace projects in the context of IioT consists of appropriate RFID read/write devices, suitable data carriers, and the RFID middleware, as well as integration into your backend system.

Using your requirements as the starting point, we develop 360° IioT solutions for which we evaluate the current situation, take into account your OT and IT infrastructure and apply the right strategy, methodology and technology.

The first step is determining a location and objective for your identification project, which our specialists will perform on-site. Then follows the creation of a rough concept based on a feasibility study. This is accompanied by a budget offer for your internal approval.

05 Aug 2022 - Balluff Explains Benefits of IO-Link Wireless

Second, we construct a detailed specification of your processes, data flows and how IT is incorporated into the ERP system, along with the selection of the technology. Only when all the details have been clarified and the overall conception and architecture have been worked out (the specification book created) the third and last step of implementation and commissioning will follow.

Good to know: the project can be revalidated after each step. You pay only for the delivered results. This allows you to retain maximum flexibility throughout the project, while also reducing your risk to a minimum.

An overview of our solutions

UHF technology is especially useful for track-and-trace solutions in material tracking and digitizing production, as well as intralogistics processes. Typical applications include:

  • Automatic registering of in- or outgoing goods
  • Monitoring work progress and material consumption
  • Automatic management of material requirement requests using e-kanban
  • Tracking material flow
  • Controlling machines and systems
  • Equipping machines and systems in a targeted fashion

We master such applications using individualized concepts. In doing so we utilize the following RFID solutions:

  • RFID gate
  • RFID tunel
  • RFID checkpoint
  • E-kanban
  • Passive localization using UHF technology

Get to know our products

HF Read-/Write Head with Condition Monitoring
RFID Universal Processor Unit BIS V
UHF Short-Range Reader BIS VU 320
13.56 MHz All-in-One Reader BIS-M
Rainer Traub
Rainer Traub
Product Cluster Manager Identification
Neuhausen a.d.F., Germany
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