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Balluff Wins First Place in the 2023 Product of the Year Awards

Image: Balluff

Balluff Wins First Place in the 2023 Product of the Year Awards

Balluff's IO-Link Wireless System: Winner in the 2023 Product of the Year Awards

Over 6,200 participants cast their votes and chose Balluff's IO-Link Wireless system as the winner in the 2023 Product of the Year awards in the category of Industrial Wireless Communication, which included 96 products across 12 categories.

21 Sep 2023 - Matrix Vision Rebrands as Balluff

The readers' jury of Computer & Automation has decided: in the 2023 Product of the Year awards in the category of "Communication & Networking," Balluff's IO-Link Wireless Master, Bridge, and Hub were selected as the winners.

Michael Zahlecker, Balluff Product Manager for IO-Link Wireless, says, "We are very pleased to receive this award and would like to thank the readers' jury of Computer & Automation for their recognition. The award confirms our commitment to developing innovative automation solutions that help our customers optimize and improve their production processes. We are convinced that IO-Link Wireless will be an important part of the future of factory automation.”

Flexible, Intelligent, and Wireless: The Benefits of IO-Link Wireless for Factory Automation

IO-Link Wireless is a promising new standard that meets the high demands of factory automation now and in the factory of the future. Our wireless system consists of a master, hub, and bridge, which receive data wirelessly, allowing for flexible planning and installation. The wireless IO-Link version brings greater versatility while maintaining the proven reliability and performance of wired IO-Link.

IO-Link Wireless offers high process reliability in settings such as transport systems with high speeds and tool changes, as well as milling machines. The wireless master receives data wirelessly from the bridge or hub, instead of receiving it over a cable. This has numerous advantages, such as simpler planning and installation, greater flexibility in design and mobility, and longer lifespan of connectors and cables.

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