Let’s Talk Wireless IoT with Marcio Muniz from Beontag

WIOT tomorrow
Webcast with Marcio Muniz from Beontag at the WIOT tomorrow 2022
Webcast with Marcio Muniz from Beontag at the WIOT tomorrow 2022

“Let’s Talk Wireless IoT” With Beontag


Never before has the enthusiasm for RFID technology been so apparent!

Guest: Marcio Muniz, VP Digital Transformation Enabler, Beontag


Highlight for the wireless IoT industry: The Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 kicked off on October 19th and 20th at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. Over 80 exhibitors were gathered at Europe’s largest wireless IoT event. Technology enthusiasts, more than 30 exciting lectures and the latest products and solutions awaited visitors.

Also present: Beontag! A global company with deep RFID expertise in RFID and self-adhesive labeling which specializes in the design, development and manufacture of RFID inlays, labels and tags which also acts as an official equipment distributor. Marcio Muniz revealed which product and solution highlights Beontag had in store for the Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022 on “Let’s Talk Wireless IoT”.

Comprehensive Product and Solution Portfolio Exhibited Live in Wiesbaden for the First Time

Beontag’s product portfolio includes diverse RFID products, from UHF RFID bulk products to the most complex tags for industrial applications including tickets, hard tags, soft tags and customized solutions.

A special product highlight in 2022 will be the paper-based ECO Tags. The tags enable a plastic-free and recyclable tagging solution for object identification in retail, supply chains and e-commerce. The ECO tag releases less than the half of CO2 emissions in comparison with a standard RFID tag, the Eco Tag is a true ESG ally and extremely valuable for companies with targets related to climate.

“Beontag’s strategy is to be a global, sustainable RFID manufacturer with as broad a product portfolio as possible,” explains Marcio Muniz. “With the acquisition of several companies in the last two years, we are getting closer to this goal step by step.”

“The booth concept reflects this approach. In Wiesbaden, we are present together with Confidex and LAB ID. If someone is looking for an RFID solution, Beontag most likely has it on offer,” Marcio Muniz continues. “And if not, we have the R&D capabilities to develop it. This is Beontag’s first appearance in Europe where its entire portfolio of products and solutions will be on display in this way.”

Source: Wireless IoT tomorrow 2022

Date: October 19th 2022

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