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New High-End Payment Cards From B-Id

The payment cards developed by B-Id have an integrated Bluetooth and NFC interface in addition to the contact-based EMV chip and magnetic strip. (Image: B-Id)

New High-End Payment Cards From B-Id

B-Id converts payment cards into multi-purpose high-end tools in ISO format

Fingerprint sensors in combination with NFC and BLE offer security in block chain applications. The progressive adaptation of online payment methods is constantly placing higher demands on fast, secure and flexible payment methods. Yiwen Jin, managing director of B-Id, reports:

"Blockchain applications are increasingly being used in the private sector as well. Crypto currencies offer new opportunities and possibilities for payment, but at the same time present new challenges for manufacturers and service providers. Now there is a solution for this that is easy to use and still offers maximum security".

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NFC and Bluetooth as information interfaces

The payment cards developed by B-Id have an integrated Bluetooth and NFC interface in addition to the contact-based EMV chip and magnetic strip. In this way, a connection to an authenticated smartphone or another NFC and Bluetooth-capable payment reader can be established in seconds.

"The NFC connection offers the possibility of using private offline keys and thus a security level at EAL 5+ Standard. Biometric data such as fingerprints are also supported by the system. The card can be completely individualized via the Bluetooth interface," explains Yiwen Jin about the technological highlights. Thus, nothing stands in the way of subsequent expansion with additional applications.

Maximum security thanks to fingerprint scan, transparency through integrated display

A display built into the card shows information ranging from account balance and TAN numbers to the owner's name and picture, depending on the card's use. The display is controlled via the user's smartphone, for example.

"We have succeeded in implementing a fingerprint scanner in compliance with the ISO card standard. Before a payment transaction is processed, the user authenticates himself by placing his finger on the 1.5 x 1.5 centimeter sensor field," says Yiwen Jin.

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Up to four fingerprints can be stored on the card. The on-board technology is powered by an ultra-flat, flexible, rechargeable battery built into the card. BLE and semi-passive NFC technology ensure efficient energy use and thus a convenient long service life.

With numerous application possibilities as well as flexibility and security optimized for daily use, B-Id's card technologies pave the way into a new age of fast, secure and transparent payment.

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