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Dot matrix display card with integrated fingerprint scanner. (Image: B-ID)

RFID and Biometrics - Industry 4.0 Boosts New Applications

B-Id develops innovative transponder solutions for security relevant processes!

The success story of RFID technology in industrial processes is continuously being updated.

The developer and manufacturer of transponder solutions - B-Id - continuously contributes with innovative identification solutions to make RFID usable in almost all industrial processes.

RFID cards combined with fingerprint scanning

B-Id has already developed and tested innovative card solutions for access and payment applications and implemented them in applications worldwide. The combination of authentication via RFID and authorization via a biometric feature such as fingerprint increases the security level in specific applications - now within industrial manufacturing processes as well.

"Production machines are assets with a high financial value. This makes it all the more important that they may only be used by authorized employees in a way that is traceable. If access to a production line or the direct activation at a machine takes place via an RFID medium, then it is only the first stage of secure control," says Yiwen Jin, Managing Director of B-Id, and continues,

"If this RFID medium, for example a smart card, falls into the wrong hands, manipulation is possible without any problems. It is then virtually impossible to trace who actually logged onto a machine with which card.

"Better safe than sorry"

B-Id took this challenge as an opportunity and developed RFID cards with integrated fingerprint scanners. This combination of two technologies - RFID and biometrics - significantly increases the security level of authorization processes within industrial production.

"Simply passing on or stealing an RFID card is no longer enough to manipulate a process," emphasizes Yiwen Jin.

Industry 4.0 boosts new applications

The digital transformation of industrial processes is driven by the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts. RFID technology plays a key role in this process. Be it simple transponders for tracking goods in shipping or high-tech transponders in production or life cycle management - B-Id is a specialist in the realization of customer-specific optimization ideas.

"In every project, communication with the customer as well as stocktaking directly on-site in production or logistics is crucial in order to be able to develop the transponder solution that is 100 percent suitable. RFID only creates numerous benefits if the transponders are specifically adapted to all requirements. This starts with the selection of the chip, continues with the development and tuning of the antennas and ends with the definition of the suitable housing material," explains Yiwen Jin.

"These steps in development even make it possible to implement transponders that function absolutely reliably in environments and applications that at first glance appear impossible.

Following this concept, the experts at B-Id have already been able to produce RFID hard tags that can withstand the challenge of sandblasting processes or can be detected under water together with the marked object without any performance loss.

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Yiwen Jin
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