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Bluebird Empowers Digitalization with Innovative Mobile Devices

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Bluebird Empowers Digitalization with Innovative Mobile Devices

Aim of every product development: ergonomic, durable, best-in-class performance!

Bluebird is an international device manufacturer specializing in mobile solutions. Bluebird solutions can be found in retail, distribution, manufacturing, transportation and many other sectors of the economy.

RFR900 – best-in-class RFID performance

RFR900 combines high-speed reading with the ability to read over 900 tags per second with an extended reading distance of up to six meters. In addition, RFR900 can store over 40,000 RFID tags in batch mode. RFR900 enables you to add long range UHF RFID reading capability to EF401.

Need to read barcodes too? Just press the button on the side of the mobile computer to switch between RFID and barcode scanning.

Bluebird’s offers a software developer kit (SDK) with a full set of APIs, making it easier to integrate RFID reading to any application.

RFR900 incorporates Bluebird’s proprietary TankSmith® technology, which means it has been tested for maximum reliability in tough, industrial environments.

EF401 – A perfect Partner for the RFR900

EF401’s compact, lightweight design incorporates Bluebird’s proprietary TankSmith® technology that means it is protected from water, dust, and dirt. (IP Rate - 67) The 4-inch, multi-touch display made of Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 is exceptionally resistant to scratches and deep chips.

The reliable and powerful 2.0 GHz Octa-core processor ensures higher level of performance that can run multiple applications with minimum power consumption.

About Bluebird

Bluebird provides enterprise mobile, various types of RFID reader solutions, AI-based IoT RFID platform and consulting services as one-stop services.

Bluebird’s technology leadership, selected by more than 3,000 customers from 120 countries, is a core competitiveness in the global market.

In rapidly changing business environments, Bluebird is creating new opportunities with leading innovations and trends in technology, products, services through its continuous research and development.

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Sarah Jin
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Seoul, South Korea
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