RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Issue 06/2021

RFID Product Innovations From South Korea

RFID Solutions and Mobile Devices From South Korea

The Sudogwon metropolitan region

Since 2016, the Lotte World Tower, with a height of 555 m, has crowned the skyline of the city of Seoul with its 10 million inhabitants. It is the tallest skyscraper in South Korea. The capital of South Korea is located in the 5th largest settlement area in the world: The Sudogwon metropolitan region. This region is considered the 4th strongest economic area in the world. 24 million people live and work in this region. Hangang is the big river that flows through Seoul and divides the city into two halves – Gangbuk and Gangnam (the northern and southern parts of the river). The city has carried out various projects since 1982 to build 12 green parks along the riverbanks. Thanks to them, the city residents, as well as visitors, can walk along the river for more than 41 km.


Bluebird is the first and only global manufacturer which provides all the different types of industrial mobile devices from mobile computers, payment terminals, enterprise tablets to RFID reader solutions and consulting services as one-stop services.

Bluebird’s broad product portfolio connects more than 3,000 customers to data anytime and anywhere, maximizing customers’ business values by improving productivity and efficiency in 120 countries.

Bluebird distributes leading RFID solutions and industrial mobile devices worldwide from its headquarters in Seoul. Applications include transportation, warehousing, financial and insurance services, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, healthcare and the beverage industry. The key figures Bluebird publishes on its homepage speak for themselves: after 25 years, the company is represented in more than 120 countries worldwide.

3,000 customers worldwide use the devices of the South Korean handheld and hardware producer. Everything from one source could be called the motto, because Bluebird offers more than 10,000 realized applications as a reference in addition to the product portfolio. The application depth is based on the extensive product portfolio. They produce all conceivable kinds of handhelds themselves.

High Performance RFID
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