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Bluebird Success Story: Augmented Workplace with Leroy Merlin

Sharpening Competitiveness on the Verge of a New Leap Forward!

Armed with the Bluebird touch mobile computer EF500, Leroy Merlin has augmented an entire workplace with improved productivity and customer satisfaction.


Employees of Leroy Merlin have to manage over 30 thousand different items on a daily basis. With the old VoIP communication and text-based visibility, employees were not able to get proper data and engage with customers effectively. Moreover, smart consumers prefer rapid and accurate services so that they can make quick purchasing decisions.

Leroy Merlin has addressed this challenge of how to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Profile 

Leroy Merlin, a globally leading company which takes rank with Wal-Mart stores, Inc. and Castorama Dubois, is a subsidiary of Groupe ADEO. The company focuses on the field of home improvement and aims to help people across the globe design and achieve the home of their dreams. Leroy Merlin is part of an alliance of over 30 autonomous companies from a dozen countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. These companies include: Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Aki, Weldom, Zodio, Dompro, and etc.

Leroy Merlin is a home-improvement and gardening retailer that is currently active in thirteen countries. As one of the major home-improvement hypermarket retailers in France, Leroy Merlin provides a wide range of items from small screws to integrated kitchen systems. Leroy Merlin addresses how it organizes various kinds of inventory and how it rapidly respond to customers. The company was searching for a breakthrough while facing challenges, such as competitive prices, decreasing inventory backlog, meeting the demands of smart customers’, and many more.


Leroy Merlin was especially keen on the necessity of augmentation on technical equipment for competitiveness in all aspects. The company was looking for a trustworthy troubleshooter, who could not only provide the appropriate devices, but could also deliver professional guidance, full technical back-up, large scale deployment and enterprise-grade customization with concrete action plans.

Bluebird facilitates new systems for Leroy Merlin through a more comprehensive technical approach. Above all, Bluebird's mobile touch computer EF500 stands out in comparison with other models of global competitors. From the outset of the project to the final deployment, Bluebird has effectively implemented an industry-specific solution and in-depth close management for Leroy Merlin.


Bluebird presented clear solutions to the requirements of Leroy Merlin and provided them with the latest touch mobile computers, the EF500s. With tailored technical support, Leroy Merlin was able to reduce the initializing period to settle the entire inventory management system and save on investments while minimizing the TCO.

The store exmployees of Leroy Merlin have been armed with powerful tools - the Bluebird EF500s - combined with the latest Android 5.x which supports vital enterprise applications. As a result, these features enable associates to save a great deal of time, focus on their own jobs and engage with customers more.

Laurent Macé, Sales Manager of Add.Scan part of Groupe Acces Diffusion: “Leroy Merlin expressed a high level of satisfaction with the outstanding performance and compact design of the EF500. We’ve established a partnership with Bluebird for more than 10 years and the company is undoubtedly a trustworthy manufacturer.”

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