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BLUEBOX Professional RFID by iDTRONIC available with CANBUS J1939 interface

DTRONIC now offers the BLUEBOX devices for UHF frequencies with CANBUS J1939, and soon with the CANOpen Interface.

BLUEBOX Professional RFID by iDTRONIC: Now available with CANBUS J1939 interface

The enterprise-ready BLUEBOX product line includes RFID readers and writers for all applications and system environments. They allow easy integration into existing systems and, therefore, effectively optimize your working processes. You won’t find such a big choice of available interface options and features anywhere else.

iDTRONIC now offers the BLUEBOX devices for UHF frequencies with CANBUS J1939, and soon with the CANOpen Interface.

18 Jul 2022 - iDTRONIC Expands Business Activities to New Areas

CANBUS universal communication protocol

CANBUS (Controller Area Network) is a serial bus system that works by the “multi-master principle.” This means that there are several control units, which are coupled together. The connected control units exchange information by using a share transmission route. Thanks to this principle, additional components may easily be added to the network.

Due to its high interference immunity, low cost, and real-time capability, CAN may be used in many areas. These include the automotive industry, commercial vehicles, mobile machines, and industry automation. CANBUS complies with the ISO 11898 standard.

BLUEBOX with CANBUS J1939 & CANOpen Interface

Our industrially tested readers and writers are now available with CANBUS J1939 and, by the end of the first quarter of 2018, with the CANOpen interface.

CANBUS J1939 is a network protocol for communication in commercial vehicles. Typically, it is used for transmission of diagnostic data (such as engine speed, temperature) and control information. Different control units, sensor units, and actuator units are connected to each other using this protocol.

13 Jun 2022 - iDTRONIC Focuses on the Development of Embedded RFID

CANOpen is a high-level protocol, which was specifically developed for embedded network applications and for the automotive industry. An essential difference to CANBUS J1939 is the clear separation between data and services (process data, configuration data, information about unit IDs).

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Patrick Kochendörfer
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