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Brady Launches New RFID Petri Dish Label for Laboratories

Image: Brady Corporation

Brady Launches New RFID Petri Dish Label for Laboratories

Lab Sample & Equipment Tracking in Extreme Environments

Looking for an RFID label that can withstand the toughest laboratory conditions? Look no further! The Brady Corporation has launched a new RFID label in March. The Matt White Polypropylene RFID Label is specially designed for use in extreme temperatures and chemical environments, making it the perfect solution for the trace and trace of lab samples and equipment.

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RFID for Sample and Lab Equipment Tracking

Measuring 65 x 6 mm, Brady’s new RFID label can be easily attached to delicate and expensive lab equipment. This includes petri dishes, medical well plates, and cell culture dishes, microscopes and more. Able to withstand harsh temperatures, chemicals, and abrasions, this label ensures the reliable and accurate tracking of lab samples and equipment.

Louis-Emile Lammertyn, EMEA Senior Product Manager at Brady elaborates, “The new RFID petri dish label offers a unique identification code that can be read by compatible readers, allowing for the quick and effortless identification and tracking of items and samples throughout the lab. Its durability and resilience in tough lab environments make it an essential tool for ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of lab operations.”

The protection of data integrity is guaranteed via data locking, and by the fact that the data captured is not readable via the naked eye. The read range of the label is up to 0.5 m with a handheld scanner and up to a meter with a fixed reader. “It is possible to place fixed readers at certain test stations in the lab. The alternative is to walk around the lab using a handheld scanner to locate the tagged samples,” says Lammertyn.

The Added Value of RFID in Laboratory Operations

There are many benefits in the use of RFID in laboratories. RFID can improve inventory management and reduce the risk of human error. The implementation of an automated tracking system eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the chances of data entry errors and increasing data accuracy. This saves time and resources, and enables scientists and researchers to focus on core lab activities.

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The Matt White Polypropylene RFID Label is the fifth in a series of labels that were developed specifically for lab applications. “For Brady, the laboratory has always been important market, even before RFID. We see the added value that RFID can bring to lab applications and processes, where there are strict regulations and responsibilities on sample tracking, data encoding and security. Tests should also be performed quickly. This is why we offer a wide variety of labels, specially designed to meet the demands of laboratories,” says Lammertyn.

So don’t let challenging conditions hinder productivity in the lab. Contact the experts at Brady to learn more about the new RFID petri dish label today and experience the benefits of streamlined tracking and inventory management in laboratories.

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