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Brady’s New UHF RFID Label Blinks to Increase Picking Efficiency

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Brady’s New UHF RFID Label Blinks to Increase Picking Efficiency

Elevating Asset Management and Localization in Warehouses

In March, Brady Corporation launched its new Glossy White Polyester RFID LED Label, designed to revolutionize asset tracking and localization. This innovation makes it all possible: increasing picking efficiency, streamlining operations, and bringing asset management to a whole new level. What is it used for? Inventory tracking in warehouses and data centers, or tracking high-value assets.

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Optimized Picking Efficiency with Brady’s LED UHF RFID Label

Brady’s LED UHF RFID label and reader solution is the perfect tool to increase picking efficiency and streamline warehouse operations. With innovative technology, it is possible to pinpoint the location of assets with greater accuracy than ever before. Brady’s Glossy White Polyester RFID LED Label comes equipped with an LED function, making it easy to locate either individual assets or a group of items quickly and efficiently.

The read range of the new non-metal passive RFID label is up to 10 meters. The label is equipped with a green LED. Once an item is selected on-screen, and once the worker approaches within 3.5 meters of the selected item, the LED illuminates when triggered by the radio waves of Brady handhelds and fixed readers. The LED uses the radio waves of the reader antenna to pulsate or blink.

“The LED function is essentially an enhancement to traditional RFID tracking. With our solution, you can take asset localization to the next level, reducing picking errors and increasing your operational efficiency.” explains Louis-Emile Lammertyn, EMEA Senior Product Manager at Brady.

A Complete Solution for Asset Localization

The new RFID LED Label is compatible with printers and readers from the extensive Brady portfolio.

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“We didn’t just launch a label. We launched a label that is printable with the printers that we provide, and that is readable by the handhelds that we offer. We made sure that our full portfolio of ready products can be used with this new LED label,” says Lammertyn and continues,

“Our goal is to show our partners and clients exactly what is possible with our RFID labels, not just as individual products, but as a complete solution. Brady is, after all, the company you trust when performance matters most”.

Don't settle for subpar picking solutions. Contact the experts at Brady Corporation to find out more about the new RFID LED Label and take your warehouse operations to new heights today!

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