RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 on October 20-21

CAEN RFID & Impinj Lecture at Think WIOT Day Technology 2021

RAIN RFID Beyond the Conventional in Retail & Logistics

Stefano Coluccini, CAEN RFID and Matt Branda, Impinj, will present on the benefits of unconventional uses of RAIN RFID at the Think WIOT Day "Technologies" on September 7th.

The expert lecture by Stefano Coluccini, General Manager at CAEN RFID, and co-speaker Matt Branda, Vice President, Product at Impinj, will focus on how unconventional applications of embedded RAIN RFID technologies can expand the reach of the Internet to trillions of connected items.

The livestream conference starts at 09:30 CEST. Register Today – Participation is Free of Charge!

RAIN RFID Going Beyond Traditional Applications

How is RAIN RFID being embedded and integrated in unconventional applications? How are these unconventional applications expanding the reach of RAIN RFID beyond conventional logistics portals or handheld inventory readers? These questions will be discussed and answered in the lecture by Stefano Coluccini and Matt Branda on September 7th

“Worldwide, RAIN RFID has been massively adopted in various applications in almost all industrial sectors. But there are some ‘peculiar’ applications that we would like to present in our lecture, based on our experiences. The results: enhanced customer experience and engagement and consumer friendly applications,” says Stefano Coluccini.

“It’s really about the expansion of RAIN RFID and read points,” adds Matt Branda, and continues, “As the utility of RAIN RFID expands to connect trillions of everyday items, RAIN RFID read points are also evolving to address a much wider array of use cases. New technology advances are enabling embedded RAIN RFID capabilities in IoT devices, opening up new use cases and opportunities for the Internet of Things.”

Find out more about these unconventional use cases of RAIN RFID in the areas of retail and logistics in the lecture on September 7th.

Register Today – Participation is Free of Charge!

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The agenda and further information of the Think WIOT Day “Technologies” can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Think WIOT Days 2021!

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Stefano Coluccini
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