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CAEN RFID Goes a Step Forward into the USA Market

Planning for expansion of business into the USA market, CAEN RFID decided to set up a new sales office in Texas, entrusting its management to Maurizio Turri.

Maurizio Turri, CEO of Vox Elements, LLC  ̶  a technology company providing solutions for inventory management and supply chain ̶ will collaborate with CAEN RFID to evaluate the market and gain initial contact with prospective partners.

“Maurizio has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in the IoT space, RFID technology and inventory management, so we think he will be the perfect contact point to explain CAEN RFID offer to the USA market” says Stefano Coluccini, CMO of CAEN RFID. The sales office will offer to existing and future CAEN RFID partners in the USA the opportunity to have sales and technical support in the right time-zone and a local stock of products for urgent needs.

“We are very excited to open the first official sales office of CAEN RFID in the USA” says Maurizio Turri “We have worked with them on projects for a number of years and know the quality of the hardware portfolio manufactured by CAEN RFID.”

An increasing number of companies in the USA is looking for supply chain optimization, inventory management automation and customer engagement and RAIN RFID technology plays a crucial role on all those aspects.

CAEN RFID, as a RAIN RFID technology provider, is looking for the right USA partners in order to offer together solid RFID solutions to the market, enabling companies to connect each item to the internet and improve inventory accuracy.

Maurizio Turri is a recognized RFID subject matter expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. His specialties are commercial development, training, and field deployments of RFID and other IoT solutions. In 2007 he joined the University of Arkansas RFID Center (now Auburn University RFID Lab) where he worked on several large-scale RFID projects. In the more recent past, Maurizio has held positions in sales, business development, and product development with material handling and logistic companies.

He is currently founder and CEO of Vox Elements, LLC a Texas-based technology company providing IT, inventory management, supply chain solutions for customers in various industries including retail, manufacturing, and health care. Maurizio is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Texas State University where he teaches classes in supply chain and operations.

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Stefano Coluccini
Stefano Coluccini
Chief Marketing Officer
Viareggio (LU), Italy
Marco Massai
Marco Massai
Sales Manager
Viareggio (LU), Italy
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