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CAEN RFID Introduces the New Autonomous Mode


CAEN RFID Introduces the New Autonomous Mode

RFID Reader Configuration Made Easy!

Using a RAIN RFID fixed reader has never been as simple as today with the new Autonomous Mode that was recently added to CAEN RFID fixed readers: the Quattro and the Proton.

The Autonomous Mode allows users to easily configure the reader with a user-friendly web interface in order to make the reader work without any further intervention.

01 Dec 2022 - skID RAIN RFID Reader Compliant with Japanese Radio Regulation

Here are the main features made possible by the Autonomous Mode:

  • HW and SW Trigger Management
    The reading operation can be started and stopped using the GPIO lines of the readers as well as via specific commands from a PLC or a controlling PC.
  • Flexibility on Output Data Format
    An easy-to-use interface defines and format the output data, including the possibility to format JSON message-containing data from the tags.
  • Duty Cycle Configuration
  • Antenna Selection
    The user can select the antennas to be used in the inventory process.
  • Configurable Air Interface Parameters
    Like output power, Q value, sessions
  • Multiple Output Interfaces
    Data can be sent to the serial port, to a standard TCP/IP socket or via HTTP/HTTPS POST directly to an application server.
  • Tag Filtering
    Users can filter tags to be read by meaning of matching data (select command) or by time (avoid reading the same tag continuously if not needed).
  • RSSI Filtering
    Tags with low RSSI can be filtered out to simply exclude unwanted tags.
  • All Tag Memory Banks Content
    Can be read and returned in formatted output data.

The Autonomous mode is available on both the Quattro and the Proton readers.

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