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CAEN RFID and Impinj a golden future together


CAEN RFID Recognized as Impinj Gold Partner

CAEN RFID is proud to announce that the company is now recognized as Gold level partner by Impinj!

This achievement is the result of CAEN's continuous commitment to design state-of-the-art readers based on the best-in-class Impinj RAIN RFID components.

17 May 2023 - CAEN RFID & Samcor Develop New Portable RFID Reader

CAEN RFID started to use the Impinj Indy chipsets from the first release and continues today as an early adopter for the latest release of the components.

Our current offering includes five readers based on the Impinj chipset:

  • The HADRON
    a full power, 4 antenna ports, compact module. Discover more!
  • The HADRONmini
    an ultra-compact SMD module (replacement of the Impinj RS1000/RS500 module). Discover more!
  • The SKID
    a compact, powerful, and flexible RAIN RFID add-on for smartphones. Discover more!
  • The PROTON
    an industrial grade, 4 antenna ports reader ideal for industrial, vehicle mount or outdoor applications. Discover more!
    an affordable, compact, and powerful 4 antennas RAIN RFID reader for general purpose reading points (logistic gates, retail reading points, RFID tunnels and so on). Discover more!

Get to know our products

Proton - R4320P RAIN RFID Reader
Lepton7 - R7100C Reader Module
skID – R1280IE/IU
qLog Temperature – RT0012
Stefano Coluccini
Stefano Coluccini
Chief Marketing Officer
Viareggio (LU), Italy
Marco Massai
Marco Massai
Sales Manager
Viareggio (LU), Italy
Simone Ginnasio
Simone Ginnasio
Sales Manager
Viareggio (LU), Italy
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