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Checkpoint Introduces Update to Award-Winning NS40 EAS Antenna

Image: Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Introduces Update to Award-Winning NS40 EAS Antenna

More Flexibility in Article Surveillance

Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in retail technology solutions, has launched an updated version of its market-leading NS40 EAS antenna. The NS42 offers the same award-winning features as its predecessor, but provides more installation options. Unlike the NS40, the free-standing sensor can be located anywhere in-store and is no longer confined to the checkout area. This makes the NS42 a flexible and powerful loss prevention solution for food retailers.

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The NS42 was developed in response to frequent demand from retailers for an NS40 antenna that could be placed in different locations around a store. In terms of design, detection performance and ease of installation, the two EAS antennas share the same benefits. These include an ultra-slim, unobtrusive and slick design that can be tailored to different retailer requirements without compromising detection rates. The NS42 is available in a brushed steel finish as standard, but can also be painted, powder coated or vinyl wrapped to match a store’s visual identity. Custom Voice messages and a variety of sounds and coloured LEDs for different alarm events allow further customisation of the sensor.

Thanks to its patented 360° circular array technology, the NS42 delivers excellent, high- performance detection, while Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to install. As the NS42, like the NS40, is a sensor extension of Checkpoint's NEO portfolio, the NEO platform connectivity on the new EAS antenna provides historic trend data via the SaaS cloud service, supplying retailers with a rich source of activity data to help improve shrinkage rates and monitor store performance. In addition, this NEO connectivity comes with proactive maintenance support, allowing more than 50 per cent of technical issues to be resolved remotely.

Nimesh Shah, Global Senior Director of Product Management at Checkpoint Systems, commented:

“We are very excited about the introduction of the NS42 antenna. Retailers have been asking us for some time to develop a version of the NS40 antenna – that offers the same design aesthetics, detection capabilities, functionality and ease-of-installation – but with the added bonus that it can be installed any place around the store. This product will provide many new opportunities for our customers and we are very excited to introduce it to the industry.”

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Following its launch, the NS40 antenna received the Good Design Award, presented by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urbanism. This award is given for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. Checkpoint’s inventory managment and loss prevention system NEO, which powers the NS42, has already won an iF design award in 2018.

Nimesh Shah concluded:

“The NS40 and NS42 EAS antennas are powerful loss prevention solutions which fill a gap in the market for sensors that not only perform brilliantly, but look good too. The NS40 is already being used by many retailers across the globe to great success, and we expect the NS42 to be equally popular.”

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Stephen Howells
Stephen Howells
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