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Checkpoint Systems Announces HALO IOT Platform

Checkpoint Systems Announces HALO IOT Platform

Most Intelligent Retail Solution for Today’s Connected Store Environment

Today’s fast-paced retail requires stores to keep up with consumer demand for popular brands and specific fast-moving SKU’s. While many Internet of Things (IoT) platforms promote dashboards and inventory insights, Checkpoint’s HALO platform is uniquely differentiated by its intelligent, action-centric functions. It's all about action.

Checkpoint’s global retail customers are profiting from 50 years of retail experience. HALO facilitates maximum efficiency in minimum time by expediting shipping and receiving processes at every step in the supply chain.

“HALO auto-generates associate alerts throughout the supply chain and in-store, driving improved productivity in receiving, back stocking and restocking high-demand products to capture maximum sales conversions and highest profit margins,” said Phil Fisher, product manager, HALO.

05 Dec 2022 - Checkpoint Implements New Solutions for RFID Use Cases in Retail

How does it work?

The HALO platform captures data events from every connected sensor across a retailer’s supply chain. This data is then stored, processed and analyzed in near real-time to deliver targeted, actionable insights viewed via the HALO portal and intelligent actions delivered directly to associates’ mobile devices.

This enables users to view relevant key events, make well-informed decisions and drive tasks that will improve processes and increase performance. Organizational tasks and mobile task alerts can be generated automatically, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, or by manual input.

Why is HALO different from other software platforms?

Checkpoint is a vertically integrated supplier of loss prevention, electronic article surveillance, IoT hardware and software products. Checkpoint understands the complex challenges faced by its retail customers. Checkpoint provides a range of intelligent retail solutions and the ingenious HALO platform that can track and protect all types of consumer goods. Supported by one of the world’s leading cloud providers, Microsoft Azure, these solution sets are easy to implement, easy to use, scalable, flexible, secure and cost effective.

Current Software Modules

Store Inventory Management

RFID-based solutions help retailers improve their in-store inventory accuracy and on-shelf availability to provide great shopper experiences while maximizing their capital investments.

Store Operations

01 Dec 2022 - Checkpoint Systems Puts Innovations in the Focus

Real-time data capture from various sensor technologies around the store help retailers deliver heightened customer service for improved shopping experiences and loss reductions.

DC solutions

RFID-based solutions help retailers improve inventory accuracy at distribution centers, increase efficiencies, reduce shipping errors and support rapid omni-channel delivery.

Supply Chain control

RFID-based solutions help retailers track and trace stock, improving their inventory accuracy, minimizing loss and maximizing their capital investments.


RFID-based solutions help retailers reduce errors, improve efficiencies and deliver seamless omni-channel experiences for their customers.

Consultation Services

For 50 years, Checkpoint has been working side by side with retailers. Its consulting team can help assess retailer business drivers and goals, select the right applications and define a strategy for transformation and growth. It is well versed in deploying various connected retail solutions for different applications and environments. Its global teams have delivered some of the largest retail technology rollouts in the world, driving efficiency, cost savings, change management, scalability and security for mission-critical applications.

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