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In the Right Place at the Right Time with NB-IoT-Enabled Pallets

Lecture at the "Knowledge for Retailers" Think WIOT Day!

Cooperation between CHEP and Deutsche Telekom generates previously unseen insights for industry and retail.

Promotional merchandise in food retailing must be presented on the store floor at the dedicated location in time for the start of the campaign. Have the promotional displays arrived at the retail store? Have the displays been placed in the correct location? How long will the displays remain on the sales floor? The lecture by Sebastian Stahl, Project Manager, CHEP, on February 17th from 12:30 to 12:55 CET, will focus on the efficiency of promotional campaigns. The service: CHEP Promotion Analytics.

Join the livestream conference "Knowledge for Retailers" on February 17th and get all the details from the experts first hand!

Low Cost Tracker in the Pallets

The new solution is based on a low cost tracker developed by Deutsche Telekom. Integrated into the CHEP quarter pallet Q+, the tracker records processes along the entire supply chain. From the manufacturer's distribution center, to the central retail warehouse, to placement on the sales floor - the location and condition of advertising displays can be tracked automatically in accordance with the EU's Basic Data Protection Regulation.

As an additional perk, pallet pickups can be better planned, reducing empty mileage.

Far More Than "Just" Tracking

From lemonades and barbecue sauces in summer to chocolate and mulled wine in winter, promotional goods on pallets find their way into retail stores. FMCG companies face the challenge of keeping track of the entire lifecycle of temporary promotions. Ad hoc solutions are widely used, often providing insufficient, unusable data from campaigns involving promotional merchandise.

The CHEP Promotion Analytics solution generates data based on the movement of displays, creating a complete picture of a promotional campaign for manufacturers and retailers.

Be Part of the Experience – Live

Register today – participation is free of charge! Don't miss the lecture by Sebastian Stahl and 10 other experts from the retail sector.

The complete program of the "Knowledge for Retailers" livestream conference and further information can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Think WIOT Days! 


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Niklas Van Bocxlaer
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Anja Van Bocxlaer
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Vanessa Tan
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Franziska Schitter
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