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IIoT Wireless Communication Trends in Lecture by CISC Semiconductor

Johannes Lehrhofer Presents New Application Possibilities for Gateways, Cloud, AI and Machine Learning in the IIoT at the Think WIOT Day!

CISC Semiconductor is participating in the livestream of the Think WIOT Day Industrial IoT & Maintenance with the lecture "Industrial IoT – Wire(less) to the Edge" by Johannes Lehrhofer, Business Unit Manager Industrial IoT, CISC Semiconductor. The focus will be on the trend of using the "edge" in IIoT – AI and machine learning integrated locally in production machines, as well as local clouds and gateways.

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12 Oct 2023 - Interview with Benedikt Weigand from CISC on Quality Testing in RFID Production

Industrial IoT is Transforming into "The Edge"

Johannes Lehrhofer's lecture will focus on the transformation of industrial IoT. Where centralized servers and clouds were used in the past, a change is now emerging. In industry, the trend is towards more integration of computing power, data storage and AI directly at production machines and local clouds – to the so-called "Edge".

Johannes Lehrhofer explains the advantages of this "Edge", such as network relief for increased data volume, securing production-relevant areas, fast data transmission and reduction of cabling. Wireless networks in harsh industrial environments are made possible, and operational reliability increases. Concrete application examples from industrial IoT will be presented in the lecture.

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Benedikt Weigand
Benedikt Weigand
Business Unit Manager of Wireless Identifications
Klagenfurt, Austria
Blaz Stanonik
Blaz Stanonik
International Sales Manager
Klagenfurt, Austria
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