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Digitization with RFID and wireless IoT solutions

In this area, we present you extensive expert knowledge on the use of innovative technologies.

Unleashing Industrial Communications

IO-Link Wireless is a fast, reliable and flexible solution – consistent system integration and compatibility guaranteed.
Schreiner Group

Engineering Industry Relies on Solutions with RFID and NFC

Companies are increasingly relying on a combination of UHF RFID and NFC technology.

User Authentication in Healthcare

Ensuring secure access to medical records, devices and supplies

The Security Benefits of Unifying NFC and Blockchain

Blockchain and NFC bring trust and security to real-time processes by distributing large-scale computing efforts and eliminating single points of failure

Track and Trace with UHF RFID

With the BIS U RFID system, Balluff not only provides the suitable evaluation units: the automation specialist knows the requirements of current IIoT projects in various industries.
NXP Semiconductors

Vision of the Future Supply Chain with RAIN RFID

Why RAIN RFID is the technology of the future.
Omnia Technologies

Enhancing Supply Chain Management with RFID

RFID ensures that the right goods are available at the right location.

RFID Product Innovations From South Korea

Jang Won Lee, CEO of Bluebird, explains the unique selling points of Bluebird's product portfolio and provides insights into the development of the RFID market in South Korea.
Zebra Technologies

Robot EMA50 with sophisticated sensors, cameras and WiFi on board

Future vision for retail with robotics, AI and machine learning. INTERVIEW WITH ALEXANDER HONIGMANN AND OLIVER MICK from Zebra Technologies.
Borda Technology

Revolutionizing Healthcare with IoT

Hospital Transformation Journey: From Conventional to Digital. From Digital to Intelligent.
HID Global

The 100% Guarantee of Authenticity is the Seal of Quality

Collectors Universe uses HID's Trusted Tag Services to prove the authenticity of products. Mark Robinton and Rahul Kothari explain the benefits of HID Trusted Tag Services in an interview.

Optimizing Vaccine Cold Chains and Logistics with RFID

How can Identiv’s RFID-based technology reduce vaccine waste? An article by: Dr. Manfred Mueller, Identiv GM Transponders.

High-Tech Card Encoding Systems „MADE IN GERMANY”

Rinas Gerätetechnik faces the challenges of the market and looks to the future with excitement and confidence. Interview with Armin Rinas.

Efficient and Transparent Goods Flows With Pallet Power

Li Haiming, product engineer at Turck presents a digitalized goods distribution center with RFID technology in a Chinese energy and chemical company.

Expanding Classic RFID Solutions With Mobile Access

Janek Grill explains how mobile authentication solutions make everyday life simple, flexible and convenient.
Kathrein Solutions

Vehicle Identification with RAIN RFID

Christian Schnebinger discusses solutions and wireless IoT technologies in the smart city, automotive identification with RAIN RFID, and urban mobility.

Twintag Technology: Managing the Product Life Cycle

Connecting the Supply Chain and Engaging End Customers with RAIN RFID and NFC on one chip!
Checkpoint Systems

Omnichannel Solutions for Retail

Without RFID, there is no omnichannel.
Zebra Technologies

My Name is EMA50 - Robot from Zebra Technologies

Pilot phases demonstrate inventory availability of over 95 %. Interview with Alexander Honigmann and Mick Oliver.
NXP Semiconductors

RAIN RFID Equipped with AES Cryptography

With secure RAIN RFID, each communication is based on a new computation and is therefore different every time the tag and the reader communicate.

RAIN RFID Antennas “Made in New Zealand”

Times-7: A team of RF experts specialized in RAIN RFID antennas with fast, efficient and targeted customer service
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