Protocol Tests & Electrical Tests – One Test Plan, One Test Report, One Test Session (Picture: COMPRION)

Comprion EMVCo 4.3c Contact Level 1 Tests Qualified by EMVCo

A simple software update is enough to run the latest tests for product approval of payment terminals

Today, COMPRION has announced that they have received the EMVCo Qualification Letter for their IFM Protocol Level 1 Tests according to EMVCo Test Specification 4.3c. Thus, EMVCo-accredited test labs that offer product approvals for Contact Level 1 payment terminals are enabled to easily prepare for the new version. EMVCo 4.3c will be activated May 1, 2018 and mandatory as of July 1, 2018.

Kathleen Knievel
Kathleen Knievel
Corporate Marketing Manager
Paderborn, Germany
Ralph Kamp
Ralph Kamp
Business Development Manager
Paderborn, Germany

Software Update Instead of Purchase of and Training for New Hardware and Software

“This is the winning solution”, Albert Martorell, Special Projects Manager of Applus+ Laboratories points out.

Updating to EMVCo 4.3c with Comprion is very simple! The test labs do not need to invest additional capital in the purchase of new hardware and test management software like with other test solutions. Rather, a simple software update on Comprion UT³ Platform is enough. This hardware is present in all test labs worldwide, anyway, because it is the only platform for running the electrical tests requested by EMVCo. Consequently, the lab resources are employed optimally and efficiently. “Therefore, some labs are already using our solution“, explains Swantje Missfeldt, Business Development Manager for EMVCo Solutions at Comprion.

Protocol Tests & Electrical Tests – One Test Plan, One Test Report, One Test Session

The testers also save a lot of time because they can use the same test setup as for the electrical tests. They do not have to learn a new system. Existing and new tests can be quickly and easily run in one test plan, with one test report and in one test session.

Full Control of Parameter Selection

The new ICS form (Implementation Conformance Statement), which is required for every product approval, additionally offers control of the behavior for protocol and parameter selection. The “Select Applicable Test Cases” option automates the correct configuration of all tests. This automation feature saves time and prevents errors that can occur in manual procedures.

Time Measurements – Quick and Easy

Additional time measurements can be made with two mouse clicks with a resolution of 10 ns. Preset triggers for the Analog Scope feature (an integrated digital oscilloscope) enable quick and very detailed analyses. Self-made triggers can be saved and reused for further measurements. “Moreover, we offer an integrated screenshot option, which allows you to send the results as PDF to colleagues“, Missfeldt is excited.

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