Compta's BEE2WASTE Relies on iDTRONIC's RFID Products

Compta’s “BEE2WASTE“ Waste Management System!

The Portuguese company Compta exists for 45 years and is one of the oldest national technology companies in Portugal. Compta was founded in 1972 and offers data processing services for the emerging IT sector. The product portfolio includes solutions for energy management, waste management, the lighting industry, green space management and agriculture.

In addition to being listed on the Euronext Lisbon Stock Exchange, Compta has a privileged position in the IT market. It accumulates more than 400 individual certifications and has the highest certification level among its strategic partners.

  • Equipment of waste containers with iDTRONIC RFID Tags and Labels
  • Rapid detection of data with the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX reading system
  • Transfer of data to Compta’s “BEE2WASTE“ application interface

Initial Situation

Compta wants to equip its waste bins with rewriteable transponders to get the current filling capacity of selected containers in an area. Labelling containers contributes to improving efficiency in several aspects of the container management process:

  • Rapid and exact process tracking of the filling capacity in waste containers
  • Real time and historical recordings
  • Usage of an “unique container ID“ for tracking

Project Definition

Compta relies on the iDTRONIC RFID Industrial Reader BLUEBOX UHF CX CX MR IA with integrated antenna to ensure reliable and rapid identification and allocation of waste containers. Special rewritable and durable iDTRONIC RFID Hard Tags are attached to the containers. The Xerafy MicroX II UHF Tag is specifically designed for demanding applications.


The traceability of individually stored data on the tags, such as type of container, model, types of waste, or capacity should be read out using the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX and catalogued in the internal "BEE2WASTE" application interface. Users can schedule the collection circuits based on real-time and historical data pattern behavior.

The high reading range of the high frequency RFID (UHF) function of the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX enables physical installation outside of the waste collection area (container loading area) on the trucks, thus avoiding soiling on the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX.

The BLUEBOX from iDTRONIC is currently used as part of various waste management projects in 45 cities in the countries of Portugal and South America.

iDTRONIC's BLUEBOX is certified to work with Compta's "BEE2WASTE" solution. Compta’s “BEE2WASTE” is able to interact with a variety of IoT sensors and waste collection methods, so that more efficient working methods can be implemented, which are adapted to the specific needs of the respective city.

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