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Industrial grade printable on-metal RFID labels by Confidex

Confidex Silverline™ product family!

Silverline family is the industry-leading IP68 classified on-metal label solution for demanding applications.

By combining the on-metal performance of hard tags and personalization easiness of labels the Confidex Silverline family makes the usage of UHF RFID easier and more efficient than ever. Combined with Zebra ZT410 Silverline or ZT411 On-Metal printer they offer easy-to-use solution for printing and encoding on-metal labels on demand.

Silverline family comes with global frequency and various product sizes to meet the requirements for applications with high read range to small footprint.

Silverline Blade

Despite the small footprint Silverline Blade boasts a respectable 4.5 meter global read range on metal. Even though being optimized on metal Blade works also on plastic and liquid containers. With its industrial grade adhesive with very high initial tack Blade offers optimal solution for various industrial assets. Blade comes with specially coated PP face for optimal visual printing quality.

Silverline Classic

The original on metal label in the RFID industry. Biggest size in Silverline family offers the best performance (up to 6 m / 20 ft) and most area for the printed information. Silverline Classic comes with durable PET face and adhesive optimized for metallic surfaces.

Silverline Micro

Smallest option in the Silverline family. With footprint of only 45 x 13 mm Silverline Micro enables reliable tracking of even smallest of assets, from IT and enterprise assets to healthcare equipment and tools. Silverline Micro comes with durable PET face and adhesive optimized for metallic surfaces.

Silverline Slim

Slim form factor combined with good performance is a choice for assets on which the suitable label width is more limited, for example applications involving smaller industrial assets, pipes and electronics. Silverline Slim comes with durable PET face and adhesive optimized for metallic surfaces.

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