Confidex Launches New Tag Upgrades with Impinj M780

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Confidex Launches New Tag Upgrades with Impinj M780

New tag upgrades with the latest Impinj RAIN RFID tag chip for high memory applications!

Global wireless IOT technologies company Confidex, a Beontag company has enhanced its portfolio of RAIN RFID tag products to meet the challenges of today’s industrial market. This new generation of Confidex’s industry-leading family of products leverages Impinj’s latest IC: the M780, offering best-in-class performance for automotive and manufacturing enterprises.

16 Oct 2023 - ECO Hook M

Industrial companies today face a unique set of challenges – from supply chain delays to man-power shortages – that are driving innovation, and a shift to digital tools, to maintain efficiency and product quality. To support this transition, RAIN RFID tag designs need to provide the highest reliability, extended memory for encoding schemes, along with form factor flexibility.

For that reason Confidex has upgraded its family of industrial grade products to help drive digital transformation in the automotive industry and beyond. Leveraging the Impinj M780 IC, these tags offer highest performance, reliable operation, as well as extended memory. “Impinj is proud to collaborate with Confidex. The newly-released Impinj M780 RAIN RFID tag chip helps Confidex’s family of industrial products deliver the high performance needed to meet the growing demands in industrial RAIN RFID applications,” says Martin Liebl, senior director product management at Impinj.

Enhanced versions of Confidex’s family of industrial RAIN RFID tags with Impinj M780 ICs

  • Ironside Slim M780 – This nimble tag’s narrow footprint combined with long read range makes it optimal for industrial container tracking.
  • Ironside Classic M780 – The rubber-surfaced RAIN RFID Ironside Classic tag is specially designed for harsh industrial applications.
  • Ironside Micro M780 – The small footprint – 27 x 27mm – of this unique tag makes it ideal for tracking assets with limited space.
  • Ferrowave Micro M780 – The on-metal Ferrowave Micro label boasts a small footprint and optimal read performance. This product is already proven with sports equipment and beauty products. The Impinj M780 IC enables VDA compliant encoding for automotive parts and other industrial applications.
  • Crosswave Neo M780 – With unique dual-dipole behaviour combined with strong performance, this label comes with 360-degree readability.
  • Survivor M780 – As industry’s first UHF hard all-surface tag for industrial and outdoor applications, Survivor continues to offer highest performance for logistics of large containers with best-in-class read range up to 27 meters (90-foot)
  • Steelwave Micro II M780 – This versatile tag provides a small footprint along with an antenna design with global tuning for all surfaces. Various attachment options enable tracking of hard-to-tag items.
  • Steelwave Classic M780 – At less than 4 millimeters thick, the Steelwave Classic with Impinj M780 offers an outstanding 20-meter (65-foot) read range.

“Performance is a must in the business critical, fast-paced industry where customers rely on RAIN RFID steering the production and logistics processes,” says Miika Pylvänäinen, Director of Product Line RFID for Confidex Ltd. “With this new generation to its family of top quality industrial tags, Confidex offers the latest technology to drive the digital transformation of industries. Our wide portfolio of products includes off and on-metal labels for industrial parts tracking, as well as robust tags for long-term container tracking and more.”

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