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Confidex LoopTag

Confidex Presents a Brand New Product!

Confidex LoopTag is designed for hard-to-tag items such as tubes and wires. The printer-friendly LoopTag is compliant with different diameters and is optimized to work on both metallic and plastic items.

Product information:

Product name:Confidex LoopTag™ M4E 150mm

Product number: 3003452

Product name:Confidex LoopTag™ M4E 250mm

Product number: 3003519

Personalization options:

  • Pre-encoding
    • Customer specific encoding of EPC or user memory. Locking permanently or with password.
  • Customized printing 
    • Customer specific layout including logo, text, numbers, barcodes etc.

When attaching Confidex LoopTag™ please follow below instructions. During the attachment avoid touching the background adhesive. If the location on the asset needs to be changed, please use a new tag instead of opening the used one.

Ideal installation conditions are +20°C (+68°F ) / 50% RH. For exceptional conditions, please contact Confidex. Bond strength can be improved with firm application pressure.  

Minimum bending diameter of the Confidex LoopTagTM is defined to be 50mm, excluding the strap part. Never touch on the location of the IC. Tag polarization should be taken into account in case liner polarized reader antennas are used. 

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Paul Broekhuizen
Paul Broekhuizen
Executive Vice President Smart Industries
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Alexander Abeln
Sales Director EMEA, Smart Industries
Munich, Germany
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